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Container cities are still being installed, which are preferred as a safe and sustainable solution for emergency shelter in the earthquake zone. While data released by the Ministry of Interior in early April shows that the installation of 49,202 of the 132,000 447 containers planned to be placed in the region has been completed, the installed containers are known to be home of approximately 79,000 containers. people.

What are the characteristics of prefabricated container structures built in container cities in the region? Mehmet Çankaya, CEO of Karmod, which is tripling its production rate and delivering about 70 containers to the earthquake zone every day, shared the features of the new generation of containers that meet international standards.


To provide an urgent solution to the urgent need for shelter in the earthquake zone, sandwich panel living containers that are quick to produce and easy to install are preferred. The two-room containers have a living space of 21 square meters and also have a toilet, shower and sink. With dimensions of 3 meters by 7 meters, it can be transported according to international shipping standards and offers 6.6 square meters more usable space than comparable constructions.

Containers of international standards, in which EPS-filled sandwich panels are incorporated into the roof system with specially shaped clamps, can drain rainwater thanks to the special clamping system. Containers fixed to the ground retain their resistance to wind speeds of 80 kilometers per hour.


The new generation of sandwich panel containers, equipped with a weld, bolt and screw system, also offer insulation benefits with a wall thickness of 5 centimeters and a roof thickness of 12.5 centimeters. The constructions that are 100% waterproof are distinguished by their 60% savings on insulation.

Containers that are notable for their non-combustible materials, can be produced in a short time and offer long-term use with stainless galvanized steel are often preferred as a reliable and durable shelter for earthquake victims in the disaster area.

Mehmet Cankaya


For the installation of a container, the lower chassis of the container must first be placed on a flat surface, and then the corner and center support posts must be bolted to the upper chassis. It becomes ready to use with the installation of windows and doors along with the wall panels.

In addition to the shelter needs of earthquake survivors, these structures also support the uninterrupted activity of merchants and small businesses in 11 provinces. Construction of containers continues in the earthquake zone, which are the preferred sustainable solution to meet the need for shelter in emergency situations.

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