“The question that arises among those undergoing rhinoplasty: will my nose be broken during the operation”

Providing Information on Rhinoplasty, Op. Dr Eyüp Bozkurt stated that the word “break” has a negative meaning and said: “Everyone knows that the nasal bones have to be formed during the operation. The word ‘break’ indicates an uncontrolled operation and is a somewhat vulgar term. While it shaping the nasal bone, chisel, osteotome, rasp, micromotor, ultrasonic bone cutter etc. available.Having all of these at hand brings convenience to the surgeon and allows him to make his choice according to the patient’s condition. with only a small strap, it is not necessary to use an osteotome instead of a rasp. The use of so-called “powered instruments” micromotors or ultrasonic bone cutters in a strongly curved nose is of great advantage. Appropriate instruments must be selected for the patient A Chinese proverb, which has been used a lot lately, also applies to this situation: “If you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail,” he said.

“Don’t be afraid to have surgery”

Kiss. Dr. Eyüp Bozkurt stated that there are many people who need surgery but don’t dare, saying: “We all see ‘very bad noses’ around us, ‘I immediately understand noses with surgery’, ‘My friend has let it do, I am not telling him, but it looks very bad’, ‘We have heard phrases like ‘I am very afraid that my expression will change. There is some truth in those who say these sentences. However, trying to make the nose meaningless smaller, thinking “An upturned nose is always beautiful”, and making extremely crooked noses is very risky in my opinion. I also see such operations around. There are also many nasal tip problems, those with pinched nose tips, pointed noses, those with visible nostrils… If you have a nose that doesn’t fulfill its functions or bothers you in the mirror, While we have these opportunities, don’t hesitate to have the operation undergo,” he said.

“The nose is a very important organ”

Underlining that the operation should be performed by a specialist doctor to avoid a negative situation after the operation, Op. Dr. Eyüp Bozkurt continued his words as follows:

“The nose is a very important organ, both aesthetically and functionally. The doctor who will perform the surgery must have a good command of the nasal turbinates and lymphatic tissue, mucosal structure and physiology. In addition, he must be able to assess the harmony of the nose with the face and consider the face as a whole. He must be able to offer his patients alternatives on topics such as brow-nose line, eyelid aesthetics, under-eye light filling, profiloplasty, chin tip aesthetics, forehead tissue injection, and even ear aesthetics. Doctor and patient should be able to talk about all the details and work together.”

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