The real reason to wake up tired in the morning! Especially those people…

Rheumatologist Dr. Ayda Ünlüer provided important information about the disease “fibromyalgia”, which is described in people who are seen as “disease patients” and causes pain, fatigue and malaise throughout the body. Dr. Ünlüer said that fibromyalgia, which manifests as various muscle pains, insomnia, weakness felt even while sleeping, bowel problems, migraines and sometimes depression associated with these physical symptoms, is seen mostly in women.

Claiming that fibromyalgia is not a rheumatic or inflammatory disease, Dr. Ünlüer stated that the disease is chronic, that is, chronic, causing sleep pattern problems and cognitive function problems. Dr. Ünlüer: “It is called muscular rheumatism, but it is not a rheumatic disease and it is not an inflammatory disease either. The cause is still unknown. However, it can be felt with a lot of pain. Even severe rheumatic patients, for example, do not do that.” complain of widespread pain in the body, while fibromyalgia patients complain of pain all over. They say, “I feel like I’m defeated. I’m sore all over. Doctor,” he said.

Dr. Dr. Ünlüer states that the reason for these people to see a doctor is usually “muscle pain”; however, he also stated that complaints such as visceral muscles, spastic colon, nervous colitis, palpitations, headache, numbness of the hands, jaw clenching and teeth grinding were observed.

Noting that it’s more common in people with sleep disorders, though the cause is unknown, Dr. Ünlüer said there are four stages of sleep and the body’s tension lingers the next day in people who have trouble transitioning to the fourth stage; He said chemicals from sleep disturbances build up in the muscles and cause fibromyalgia.

Dr. Dr. Ünlüer said: “We see this disease very often in women who plan everything at home and at work, try to manage their lives tightly, generally work hard and have high expectations. Their complaints also increase at important decision points or turning points in their “You see these special situations with superwomen who try to keep up with everything. It adds to the stress and increases the pain,” he said.

Dr. Ünlüer emphasized that there is no cure for fibromyalgia and underlined that the most realistic treatment goal is to “manage pain and improve quality of life”. Advising patients to change their outlook on life and stay away from excessive stress, Dr. Ünlüer said: “We recommend that patients change their lifestyle and perspective, relax their soul and mind and find peace. In addition, it is necessary to change their living conditions and reduce the level of anxiety. For example, going to sports, spas or meditation relaxes For this reason, physiotherapy, exercise and drug therapy are of great benefit.

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