The recent favorite for rejuvenation: non-surgical aesthetic applications

Plastic surgery is no longer taboo. Both women and men prefer plastic surgery to look young and healthy. Non-surgical aesthetic methods are among the most preferred applications.

Introducing two new methods in the medical aesthetic industry by naming them Turkishlift and Doublfrenchaski. Saltuk Kendir provided the following information on non-surgical aesthetic applications:

“Non-surgical aesthetics are aesthetic applications without surgery. These applications, which are performed using surgical threads, can be performed without lying on the operating table as it is a semi-surgical procedure. It helps reduce wrinkles, lines, sagging and other signs of aging on the face. While non-surgical aesthetics, which generally carry low risk, can be applied quickly, they also offer benefits with short recovery times. In both methods we developed, we do it with fusible or non-fusible wires as desired. If necessary, we apply organic dermal fillers in combination with radio frequency and ultrasonic techniques.”

Dr. According to the information obtained from Saltuk Kendir, people who undergo non-surgical plastic surgery can return to their daily routine in a short time. However, as with any medical procedure, nonsurgical aesthetic procedures can have potential risks and side effects. For this reason, it is very important that it is applied correctly and by experts in the field. So, what are non-surgical aesthetic procedures and who can they be applied to?


Non-surgical aesthetic procedures are procedures performed using surgical threads. These procedures can be risky for some people due to certain health conditions, allergies, or drug use. People who will undergo non-surgical aesthetic procedures should first examine their medical history and health condition in a comprehensive manner. After this assessment, it is critical that they meet with an expert and get approval. non-surgical aesthetic procedures;

Persons under the age of 18

– Pregnant or breastfeeding women

-Medication users (may be due to a chronic illness)

-Those with muscle disease

It may not be suitable for people like For this reason, it is first of all necessary to check the suitability of the health condition for the non-surgical aesthetic procedure by meeting with a specialist doctor.


Over the years, signs of aging appear, such as sagging and slackening of the skin. Plastic surgeries have long been preferred to eliminate these symptoms. However, plastic surgery has drawbacks such as the length of the procedure, the length of the postoperative recovery period, and the cost. At the point reached today, thanks to technological advances, it is possible to have aesthetics without going under the knife. Many people prefer the non-surgical method because of the fear of surgery.

Dr. Saltuk hemp

Negative aspects such as cut scars after plastic surgery do not occur in medical aesthetics. With non-surgical aesthetic methods, the desired appearance can be achieved without incisions. Apart from these, non-surgical aesthetic procedures provide more natural results than traditional plastic surgery. After the procedure, the facial expression takes on a natural and younger appearance.


One of the most frequently asked questions in non-surgical aesthetics is the durability of the procedures. Especially for facelift applications, the importance of this problem is increasing even more. Although it is not possible to give a definitive answer to this question, according to the information obtained, habits such as daily routines, nutrition after the procedure and sleep patterns directly affect the duration. Experts warn patients that the permanent facelifts promised on the Internet do not reflect the truth.

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