The right amount of coffee is heart-friendly

Dr. Dr. however, Dr. S. Anıl Sarıca stressed that the type and amount of coffee consumption can make it a healthy option.

2-4 cups of coffee a day is heart-friendly

Sharing the knowledge that 2 to 4 cups of coffee a day is ‘low consumption’, Exp. Dr. S. Anıl Sarıca explained that consuming six or more coffees is defined as ‘heavy consumerism’. According to dr. Dr. S. Sarıca said: “One of the most frequently asked questions to cardiologists is the effects of coffee consumption on human health. Consuming two to four cups of coffee a day is good for the heart, thanks to more than 1000 biologically active components in coffee.” said.

Recalling that coffee has been used throughout history for medical treatments such as wound healing, treatment of diarrhea, rheumatic tissue diseases and treatment of kidney stones, Uzm. Dr. S. Anıl Sarıca, “Some ingredients in coffee have vasodilatory effects. For this reason, coffee can significantly reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, which cause problems such as heart attack and stroke. In particular, the consumption of 500 mg of caffeine, which corresponds to four or five cups of coffee per day, can have a positive effect on the calcification of the coronary arteries that cause heart attacks.

Too much coffee is harmful

Sarıca warned that excessive coffee consumption has negative effects on the heart and blood vessels and provided information on the amount of coffee that should be consumed: “Taking into account the genetic differences, daily caffeine consumption should not be increased above 300-400 mg. Considering per unit of measure;A cup of Turkish coffee contains 60-65mg, 1 cup of filter coffee 100-120mg, 1 cup of espresso coffee 130-200mg, 1 cup of Americano coffee contains 100mg of caffeine.More studies and studies are needed on the long-term effects of new trend coffees (cold coffees) with increased caffeine and calorie content on our body.” Dr. S. Anıl Sarıca stated that people who use drugs should prefer decaffeinated forms.

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