The secret of longevity of the Chinese is hidden in him! A panacea only…

In addition to the taste, kombucha, a healthy fermented product, is known for its regenerating, restorative and detoxifying properties.

WHAT IS Kombucha?

Kombucha, also known as kombucha, is a fermented tea that is also used as a medicine. The homeland is known for its spread from East Asia to Europe. When kombu is fermented, a disc-like mushroom is formed, which consists of a gelatinous membrane. The content of tea is composed of a tea mushroom called Kombucha.

BENEFITS OF kombucha;
Extends life
Supports the immune system and restructures the body balance
regulates the heart rhythm
It treats asthma, it is good for frequent asthma attacks.
Its usefulness in the prevention and treatment of cancer is undisputed.
Thanks to kombucha’s rich probiotic content, the digestive system finds health, the natural flora of the system is protected and the restructuring process begins.
It maintains a healthy pH balance in the body.
Stimulates the glands
It dissolves the toxins and toxins in the body by dissolving them in water.

Stimulates metabolism
Accelerates blood circulation, clarifies and cleanses the blood
Lowers high blood pressure
It calms the soul and is good for restlessness.
Effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids
Kombucha is also good for gout
It balances blood sugar levels and treats diabetes.
Relieves fatigue, good for irritability
It makes the digestive system work more regularly, it is good for stomach problems.
Relieves allergies

Improves kidney functions. It helps drain the sand in the kidneys and reduce the stones in the gallbladder.
Soothes and regenerates the liver
It protects against radiation and fights free radicals because it is an antioxidant.
Kombucha treats atherosclerosis
Strengthens loose joints
It is known to be good for joint inflammation and rheumatism.
It is also used in the treatment of tonsils.
It dissolves uric acid and cholesterol in the body in water and helps to remove them from the body.

Helps reduce intestinal laziness
It relieves fatigue, relieves angina and nervousness.
Prevents the herpes virus from causing herpes
Good against warts and pimples
It is good for bronchitis, relieves cough and phlegm
Good for headaches

Remedy for insomnia
It stops diarrhea of ​​microbial origin.
Colitis is good
Regulates menopausal complaints
It is also used in the treatment of tonsils.
Helps hair regrowth, natural solution for baldness
It removes graying of the hair and darkens the hair color.
Relieves corneal problems and cataracts
Facilitates weight loss, eliminates fat
Quench the thirst
Fights fungal infections, acts as a moisturizer on the skin
Increases sexual potency
Eliminates wrinkles, spots and freckles on the skin
When applied to insect, flea and mosquito bites, it soothes the blisters.

3 liters of drinking water is boiled in a steel pot, when the water begins to boil, 1.5 cups of granulated sugar are added and boiled for another 5 minutes. Then the stove is turned off and 10 black tea bags are thrown into the boiling water. After 15 minutes of steeping, the tea bags are removed from the pot and left to wait.

The tea is then poured into a clean mason jar or wide-mouthed glass bowl. The wider the mouth of the jar or container, the faster the tea will ferment. The light-colored part of the cork should always face up after the cork begins to form.

If the cork begins to sink to the bottom of the jar and does not move to the surface, check to see if the cork has been turned upside down and placed back on the surface.

The glass container is covered with clean cheesecloth and a rubber band is placed around it. The jar should be kept at room temperature. Very hot or very cold environments are not suitable. Direct sunlight is also harmful. The temperature between 19 and 29 degrees is the ideal temperature.

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