The specialist told you what you need to know before you get a breast prosthesis

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Gazi Kutalmış Yaprak spoke about the wonders of breast prosthesis surgery. Kiss. Dr. Yaprak said that people who have no breast development or whose breast volume does not reach the desired size with puberty, as well as those who experience a decrease in breast volume or who want their breast volume to be larger, should consult a plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery specialist to to have these procedures performed.

“The treatment method should be determined by the doctor”

Expressing that today, due to the high level of information pollution, the first and most important step for the person is to turn to a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery who is skilled in his job and decide on the method to follow next be applied the examination, Op. Dr. Yaprak said: “If the chosen method as a result of this meeting is oil or synthetic substance injection, the volume amount and number of sessions will be determined.”

“Shape and size of prosthesis are important”

Expressing that the choice of the shape and size of the prosthesis comes to the fore in the case of a decision on the augmentation method with a silicone implant, Op. Dr Yaprak said: “Breast prostheses are very diverse. There are dentures in very different shapes and contents according to their surfaces, shapes, fillings, bases and heights, and the material inside. Generally rough and flat surface according to their surface structure, drop-shaped dentures and round dentures with a flattened upper part, more rounded bottom and round dentures, fully or not completely filled drop dentures according to their length, short-medium depending on their height, medium There are dentures with different characteristics, which can be high or very high, have different base diameters depending on the brand, and contain gel or serum. Since there are many options, it is very difficult for the patient to decide for himself. For this reason, it is very important that postoperative satisfaction is examined by a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and to make this decision under his guidance.

“Breast prosthesis questions”

Claiming that after the breast prosthesis decision was made, many questions arose among the patients, Op. Dr. Leaf, “Where will the incision be? Will there be a scar? Is it under the muscle or over the muscle? Will I be in a lot of pain? Can I breastfeed? When can I return to my normal life?” Yaprak said: “First of all, the most preferred incision method in breast prosthesis applications and that I prefer is the incision where the scar is hidden in the lower breast fold, applied to the lower breast fold and the prosthesis is placed from there. With incisions made under the armpit and around the nipple. With scars, the scars that appear after all incisions on the skin are unfortunately permanent. It is not possible to completely disappear. The color of the incision scars, which are red and clear, will fully open up and turn skin-colored in a few months. This scar will never be visible from the outside, because it will remain in the crease under the breast and completely in the bikini,” he said.

“The goal is not to have an obvious surgical scar”

Yaprak underlined that the point to consider when deciding whether to place the prosthesis on or under the muscle is the amount of breast tissue the person has, Yaprak said: “Silicone breast prostheses are placed under the muscle in people with very little or very weak breast tissue. the edges of the prosthesis very prominent and it is clear that you have had prosthesis surgery.On the other hand, if there is some breast tissue, prostheses can be placed under the skin.The aim is to achieve a natural result where the does not notice that you have had surgery. Therefore, during the exam, it will be determined which method will be used. Although post-operative pain is slightly more in patients with submuscular pain, this pain will be controlled with analgesics and will disappear within a day or two Breast augmentation surgery has nothing to do with milk ducts, so it can be done safely before pregnancy, during the birth and lactation period, there is no problem.

“At what age can the first breast augmentation surgery be performed?” Yaprak drew attention to the question, noting that breast development continues until the age of 17 and anyone can have breast augmentation surgery from this age.

Recovery process in breast augmentation surgery

Yaprak added that a week after breast augmentation surgery may require a rest period, Yaprak said: “There will be some swelling and bruising at first. The healing process begins after the 3rd day. While there is some pain, it can be controlled with common painkillers. The patient can return to their normal life after an average of one week and ten days. However, it takes 1.5-2 months to start heavy sports like swimming and tennis. The most important point in breast augmentation surgery is the communication between patient and doctor, and this procedure should be performed by a skilled plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon in the field.

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