The sweet city of the Balkans: Prizren

Gora Villages (Turkish Prizren Villages)

Gora literally means “mountainous”. Located in the south of Kosovo, Gora Villages offer all kinds of colors of unique nature, forest and greenery. The Bosnian/Serbian language called “Goranski” is spoken in about thirty villages in the Gora region. This language is close to Macedonian. Two of the villages are on Macedonian territory and ten on Albanian territory. The total population of the villages is about 18 thousand. However, the region gave a lot of immigration after the war. There are many people who have emigrated from neighboring countries to Austria, Italy and Turkey.

Let me convey the connection of the sandwich, known as Gorali, to the region, without distracting from the subject. Sir, a family with the surname Gora who emigrated from this region, make a sandwich of their own invention in Ankara. Later, after moving to Istanbul Fındıkzade and expanding their business, they created an increasingly popular genre. This sandwich is therefore not produced in Gora and is not available here.

Rapca Village

Rapça Village stands out with its cute little houses and clean air, surrounded by forests. In Rapça and other villages it’s easy to say hello and sit somewhere. If you say that you are from Turkey, you can interpret how you were treated later. We want you to discover the streets of the village. Because you will see graffiti, balconies decorated with flowers, cafes famous for their desserts. The native language of many people living in the village is Bosnian. Surprisingly, most villagers can speak Turkish. When we asked how they learned, they replied “by watching TV”.

There is no breakfast culture in Gora villages in general, just like in Kosovo. Breakfasts are usually passed with snacks and coffee. In addition, beautiful and special homemade pastries are dipped in honey and eaten, creating a tasty breakfast alternative.

Dessert is an indispensable dish in Gora and Kosovo. So in a meal of soup and food, it might not be one of these, but it wouldn’t be without dessert or cake. Even if a Gorani gives up eating, he won’t give up dessert!


The last village of the R114 highway in the Gora region is the village called Brod. The village stands out for its natural beauty like other Gora villages. Brod is known as one of the richest villages of the past. There are many families who have emigrated from the village of Brod in Turkey. An exuberant stream also runs through the center of the village. There are also cafes and restaurants in the village where you can catch your breath. Another beauty near Brod is a canyon and a nearby ski resort with a 6km piste.

Restlicë & Windows Hills

The village of Gora I want to talk about next is Restelicë. Driving on the R113 highway towards the Macedonian border, you will enter this village through the high plateaus. In the small village of Restelicë you can take a short break. As you continue on the road towards the Macedonian border, you can see the lush green plains stretching left and right.

Known to many as the Windows Hills, these hills are remarkably similar to the photograph taken in America by photographer Charles O’Rear. It’s free to roll on the grass! On this high plateau you will also discover the course of small streams that open onto large plains.


The ski resort, known as Brezovicë, is located about 50 km east of Prizren and is one of the country’s natural resources. Kosovo as a country is mountainous and high altitude. The Shar Mountains, located on the border of North Macedonia, are suitable for winter tourism.

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