The use of antidepressants rises with the rise of depression

Studies show that with the pandemic, the use of antidepressants has increased 3 to 4 times worldwide. In addition, Specialist Psychiatrist stated that the use of antidepressants without a prescription without doctor’s supervision leads to wrong results. Dr. Jale Mursalova answers all questions about antidepressants.

In what situations are antidepressants used?

Antidepressants aim to ensure the healthy functioning of the brain by restoring the balance of substances called neurotransmitters in the brain that allow communication between nerve cells. Psychiatrist dr. dr. In addition to treating depression, Jale Mursalova uses antidepressants in the treatment of many mental and physical symptoms such as anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, sleep disorders, eating disorders, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, phobias, pain disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, personality disorders, say.

“Numbness and dullness can occur as a result of taking antidepressants”

Stating that situations such as numbness and dullness against positive or negative emotions are observed with the use of antidepressants, Psychiatrist Specialist. Dr. Jale Mursalova, “Studies report that this effect is not directly related to the antidepressant and is part of the persistent depressive complaint. However, this situation, which does not always occur, is considered a side effect of the drug and, if necessary, changing the drug provides an advantage in treatment. Prejudice about antidepressants with proven effectiveness in the treatment of depression hinders the treatment process. In short, this is not the effect we expect from an antidepressant, and when this effect occurs, it needs to be dealt with professionally,” he says.

“The idea of ​​suicide decreases with age”

Studies show that suicidal thoughts and behaviors caused by antidepressants decrease with age. Claiming that while the absolute risk is very low in suicide-related deaths, especially in the first month, in people under the age of 25, there is a relatively increased risk. Dr. Jale Mursalova: “Although there is no such risk in the 25-65 age group, it is even supported by studies that antidepressants are protective in terms of suicidal thoughts and behaviors. It should be remembered that the safest way to relieve suicidal thoughts is to take antidepressants. exp. Dr. Mursalova says that using alcohol and drugs while taking antidepressants can cause symptoms like drowsiness and dizziness and negatively affect the symptoms of depression.

What should be considered when taking antidepressants?

1. It is necessary to use the antidepressant only if prescribed by the doctor and to consult a psychiatrist when starting or stopping the drug.
2. The effect of the antidepressant occurs on average after 2-4 weeks. In the beginning, temporary side effects may occur, lasting about a week.
3. After starting the drug, it is necessary to regularly visit a psychiatrist. Adjusting the drug dose and determining the right drug can take several months.
4. The duration of antidepressant treatment varies depending on the reason for starting and the person. This decision is made by the psychiatrist. For example, treatment of a first episode of depression should be continued for at least 6 months after well-being has been restored. Premature discontinuation of medications can cause a relapse of depression.
5. In some cases, your disease may not go away completely with the use of antidepressants alone. You may need psychotherapy for a lasting solution. Your psychiatrist makes this decision by determining the right type of psychotherapy for you.
6. Antidepressants do not damage the organs with prolonged use, our goal is not to sedate or put the patient to sleep. Depending on the side effects, drug changes and adjustments may be made.

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