The world’s most extraordinary ways to cross the road

The scariest roads in the world

Are you generally courageous and do you take risks in your life? Or do you think logically and act by making a decision? You may not want to follow the roads you will see in this content we have prepared for you. But people sometimes go through these interesting and horrible roads.

Here are the most terrifying and interesting ways in the world where it’s heartbreaking to pass;

1. Japan / Eshima Ohashi Bridge

The Eshima Ohashi Bridge in Japan is located on Lake Nakaumi. It was built at a very right angle so that ships could pass under it.

2. Norway / Molde

scary ways of the world

The coastal road between the Norwegian cities of Molde and Kristiansund is referred to as the most dangerous road in the world. This road gives motorists a hard time due to sharp bends, waves hitting the road and wind. His photos are breaking social media records. The most frightening information about this road is that a tourist who looked at the view of the road died. Authorities especially warn tourists about the storms in this region.

3. Stelvio pass

scary ways of the world

One of the most special routes is the Stelvio Pass in the Alps. Since this road is exactly 2757 meters above sea level, it looks quite scary. But the view is magnificent.

4. Chile / Los Caracoles

scary ways of the world

This passage between Chile and Argentina is called “Los Caracoles”. Covered in snow and ice most of the year, this road is used by “double-decker” tourist buses and trucks.

5. Skippers Gorge

scary ways of the world

Traveling through Skippers Canyon near Queenstown is quite a challenge. This 1000 km long road contains 7 different canyons at an altitude of more than 3500 meters.

6. Philippines / Halsema Road

scary ways of the world

Halsema highway is located in the Philippines. The scenery is beautiful, it’s scary to travel. The road is also one of the popular stops in the Philippines.

7. China / Tianmen Mountain Road

scary ways of the world

The Tianmen Mountain Road in China, one of the scariest and most interesting roads in the world, is exactly 11 kilometers long and has a total of 99 sharp turns.

8. Florida/Overseas Highway

scary ways of the world

The Overseas Highway, located in the state of Florida in the United States, has a total length of 180 kilometers. Don’t worry about the name of Karayolu, this road across the sea is really interesting and interesting.

9. California/Cabrillo Road

scary ways of the world

The Cabrillo Highway, also known as the State Highway in California, a US state, is located on the Bixby Bridge. While the view of the bridge is quite pleasant for some people, it is interpreted as too scary for others.

10. Norway / Trollstigen

scary ways of the world

This road, commonly known as the “Troll Ladder”, is located in Norway. Trollstigen, built in 1936, has a length of 55 kilometers. This interesting road has a total of 11 sharp bends.

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