The world’s richest source of magnesium!

Millet is very easy to digest, has a low glycemic index and provides a feeling of satiety. It is quite healthy as it is a grain with a high iron and fiber content. It is one of the richest sources of magnesium. It also contains phosphorus, manganese and iron.

It contains an essential amino acid that increases serotonin levels, which means it increases the happiness hormone. Since this food has a strong antioxidant effect, it provides protection against the harmful effects of free radicals. Millet’s ability to regulate blood sugar has rightly spread. It turned out that the protein in it increases insulin sensitivity and lowers blood sugar and triglycerides.

Millet has an exceptionally good effect on your stomach, because it is easily digestible and the high content of dietary fiber cleanses the intestines. Millet seeds contain soluble fiber, which helps lower bad LDL cholesterol levels. Because this soluble fiber forms a gel-like mass in the stomach and cannot absorb cholesterol. This mechanism of action may reduce the risk of atherosclerosis.

Another superpower of millet is that it is a premium source of B vitamins. With a small amount of millet we not only support our nervous system, but we are also good for our skin. Regular consumption beautifies the skin, strengthens hair and nails.

Those suffering from thyroid disorders should avoid millet. Because it contains goitrogen instead of gluten. Goitrogens are substances that suppress thyroid function and can lead to an enlarged thyroid gland. Also, millet’s goitrogenic content increases during cooking, so millet is not recommended for people with thyroid problems.

If you want to try millet, wash the seeds thoroughly before cooking. Put the washed millet in a pan with three times the amount of water and cook covered for 15-20 minutes until softened. It is an excellent source of energy for breakfast with yogurt and fruit.

You can eat it as a side dish with the main course, eat it with rice instead of rice, or enrich a meal. If you want to try it for dessert, you can sweeten it with cocoa, vanilla or chocolate chips.

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