There are people who buy it from the internet and only do botox! Expert warns: ‘It is very difficult to compensate’

Faced with external factors during the day, the skin begins to show signs of aging over time. Many men and women who want to reduce these symptoms find the solution in botox. However, the increasing influence of social media in our lives allows fake advertisements to reach consumers more easily in terms of aesthetics, as in many other industries. In addition, those who want to do botox more practically and at a lower cost without resorting to aesthetic clinics are also in demand for products sold on the Internet.

Warning against aesthetic products sold over the Internet, Dermatology specialist Dr. Hande National, on the other hand, said: “According to the Global Survey report of the International Society of Aesthetic Surgery (ISAPS), Turkey has become the 5th country in the world where the most aesthetic surgical procedures are performed. It ranks second in rhinoplasty and third in botox. The increase in demand brought both positive and negative results. Under the stairs, clinics increased and unapproved aesthetic products began to be sold. We see this situation most in botox, which is the prefers rejuvenation.Although Botox has been called a simpler and lighter aesthetic procedure by society “It is very important not to apply for initiatives that do not have health approval and not to buy products advertised on the Internet. Because homemade applications at home with products of unknown origin and operations performed by non-experts can harm health, “he said.

‘Under the stairs, clinics can cause irreparable damage’

“The prices of aesthetic procedures and the materials used in them are more or less the same, if you go to a clinic that offers much lower prices than the market, fake products may be used,” dermatology specialist Dr. Hande National continued:

“Botox applications performed in unauthorized clinics, which we describe as under the stairs, usually do not have the desired effect. We find that dozens of victims have undergone the same procedure over and over again and cannot get the desired result. At the same time , allergic reactions can be seen in patients treated with fake botox. In addition, droopy eyelids, eating and speech problems can be seen. Therefore, I would like to emphasize again that patients should take the botox procedure very seriously in terms of health.”

‘Dose use is very critical in Botox application’

Hande National explains that applying botox, a toxin obtained from Clostridium botulinum bacteria, is a procedure that must be performed in the form of injections under the right conditions by a licensed physician, Hande National said: “Wrinkles caused by too much use of facial expressions , genetic factors or aging can be seen around the eyes, between the eyebrows, on the forehead and face.It is easily solved with botox applications on the sides of the nose.The procedures performed by professional teams with the right doses make the person have a youthful and fit appearance.This process takes only 10 to 15 minutes.Patients can quickly return to their daily lives after the procedure and they begin to feel the effect of botox within 3-4 days to see.

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