These Mistakes Wear Out the Skin – Health News

Irregular sleep

The most important time when the body renews itself is during sleep. Irregular sleep negatively affects the entire body, as well as the skin. Sufficient and balanced sleep is very important for healthy skin. The secretion of the hormone melatonin, a powerful antioxidant, occurs during sleep. Again, HGH (human growth hormone) increases during sleep. This contributes to the rebuilding of body tissues and stimulates increased cell production to replace damaged cells. Accordingly, it helps the skin to stay young, fresh, clear and moist.

Poor nutrition is also harmful to the skin

A healthy and regular diet is also important for skin health. The skin, our largest organ, ages quickly due to unhealthy and malnutrition. Failure to take vitamins necessary for the skin, one-way diet, consumption of excessive salt and sugary foods… Mistakes made in nutrition have a negative effect on the skin. beneficial to consume foods such as fruits and vegetables, high fiber foods, plenty of vitamin C, eggs, nuts.

Insufficient water consumption

Sufficient water consumption is necessary for a radiant and radiant skin. It is beneficial to consume enough water to maintain the moisture content of the skin. Since insufficient water consumption disrupts the skin structure and leads to dry skin, and because water ensures the elimination of toxins from the body, it helps to prevent skin wrinkles, dullness and dry skin.

Pay attention to the ingredients of the products you use for your skin

Since the skin type and flora differ from person to person, it is useful to choose a targeted product. While products with vitamin C are preferred for smooth and radiant skin, products with salicylic acid are beneficial for acne-prone skin. You can consult your doctor when choosing a product.

No use of sunscreen

UVA rays (wrinkle-causing rays) from the sun reflect equally strongly all year round. The skin, exposed to the emitted UVa and UVB rays, ages, spots and wrinkles appear. These harmful rays can even cause skin cancer. Therefore, sunscreens suitable for the skin type should be used in both summer and winter.

Squeeze pimples

Popping or squeezing pimples can cause bigger problems and scarring. When the pimple is squeezed, regardless of the pore, it comes out, but most of it remains in the skin, that is, under the skin. This allows the inflammation to spread and make the acne worse.

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