Things to consider in ear health

What to do for ear health

Ear health is extremely important. Actions that damage your ear should be avoided as much as possible and the inside of the ear should be kept clean. Circulatory disorders, blood diseases, pain in the head or neck area, head trauma, tumors adversely affect the health of the ear. So what should be done for ear health? Here’s the answer;

1. Enter the clean pool and the sea

Dirty sea and swimming pool can cause great damage to the ear. Thus, diseases such as external ear infections and common ear infections can occur. Do not enter the sea in places where swimming is prohibited.

2. Use earbands

Things to consider in ear health

If you have had a problem with the eardrum in the past or if you have had some ear-related surgeries, you should definitely protect your ear from water. Disposable petroleum jelly cotton or special ear straps A lot of it will work for you.

3. Stay away from ear bars

Things to consider in ear health

Ear sticks are very harmful to ear health. Unlike the ear you think you are cleaning, the ear stick does nothing but push the dirt forward. Different instruments can be used instead of ear sticks.

4. Don’t leave your ears damp

Things to consider in ear health

Instead of drying your ear with ear sticks, the air held at a distance against your ear with a hair dryer will dehumidify your ear. After a shower, sea and swimming pool, the ears should not remain wet. Your ears should be dried superficially with a clean towel. Attention should be paid to ear cleaning and care.

5. Don’t have your ear cleaned

Things to consider in ear health

Ear cleaning is bad, it makes a habit, there must be dirt in the ear. Contrary to popular belief, earwax provides benefits rather than harm to the ear. Cleaning or having the ears cleaned is harmful.

6. Do not neglect ear pain, bleeding

Things to consider in ear health

Symptoms such as pain, swelling, itching and redness in the ear can be a sign of external auditory canal or ear inflammatory diseases. That’s why it’s good to see a doctor. Ear pain should not be taken lightly.

7. Don’t confuse your ears with other products

Things to consider in ear health

It is an organ that takes care of the ear itself. Therefore, ear cleaning should not be done constantly. What you see as earwax is actually a substance that protects the ear. Ears should not be mixed with cotton swabs or other products.

8. Do not push in your ear

Things to consider in ear health

While cleaning your ear, we can damage our ears due to wrong movements such as pressing and twisting. We may even encounter problems that cannot be solved in the future. That’s why we have to be careful. For ear cleaning, the first thing you need to know is that you do not have an ear infection and a hole in your eardrum.

If you have such conditions in your ear, ear cleaning should not be done. People with such problems in their ears are not allowed to clean their ears even at home.

When should the ear be cleaned?

It is important to clean the ears properly. When there is ear pain, congestion, hearing problem, ringing in the ears, sound, noise, itching, smell or discharge, cough, the ear should be cleaned for its health.

How to use ear sticks?

Nice little double-ended cotton swabs that we use to remove the dirt from our ears. Especially after a bath, our hands go straight to it. Caution is advised when using ear sticks. Because improper use damages the ear.

Inflammation in the ear canal is one of them. Especially in the summer months, as contact with water during the pool, sea and shower increases, people who feel the need to clean their ears regularly and mix it with an ear stick cause some invisible scratches and bruises on the outer ear canal.

Those bruises and tears also cause inflammation of the pollutants in the external auditory canal. There is a secretion in our ear that protects the external auditory canal from infection. This secretion is expelled through the ear. If it is not thrown away, it accumulates inside. If the accumulated secretion is pushed in with the wrong ear stick, the canal of the external auditory canal can be closed.

Is earwax beneficial?

Due to its natural structure, the ear has a self-cleaning function. Contrary to popular belief, earwax is beneficial to our ears. We can damage this beneficial dirt by disturbing the ear stud.

Are ear sticks harmful?

Unconscious use of ear sticks leads to ear blockages and even hearing loss. Although ear sticks are normally produced to clean the curved parts of the auricle, if damaged the eardrum is pierced when it is unconsciously inserted deep into the ear canal to clean the inside of the ear canal.

How should the ears be cleaned?

In a home environment, it is not possible to completely clean the ears. For this, ear cleaning can be done by going to different doctors. The most accurate method of ear cleaning is to have our ears cleaned by an ear, nose and throat doctor.

How do you clean earplugs?

Apply a warm compress to your ear to clear clogged ears. The dirt will come off easily as it softens. You expand the Eustachian tube by holding it against your ear with a hot water bag. Hot water is one of the most effective methods.

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