Things to keep in mind during facelift surgery

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Ali Cemal Yılmaz talked about what should be considered to achieve effective results in facelift surgery. It is possible to look younger with facelift surgery. Stating that facelift surgery is a personalized surgery specific to the current condition of each patient’s face and desired results, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Ali Cemal Yılmaz continued his explanation with the following words: “Facelift aesthetics are performed to eliminate the effects of aging and obtain a younger facial appearance. More effective results can be obtained if facelift aesthetics, which can be applied using various techniques, are performed without deepening the lines and wrinkles on the face. As with all other aesthetic surgeries, patient selection is very important for facelift surgery. While non-surgical procedures are possible today with medical aesthetic applications, facelift aesthetics can emerge as the only solution for people whose skin structure is not suitable, skin sagging becomes obvious and lines on their skin become very deep. ” Facelift aesthetics should be performed by plastic surgeons who have sufficient experience and expertise in this field. When planning surgery, patient expectations should be carefully evaluated. The naturalness of the desired result should also be taken into account.

Attention to the early postoperative period for a healthy and fast recovery! It is normal to feel bruising, swelling, and pain after facelift surgery. Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Ali Cemal Yılmaz concluded his words with the following sentences: “It takes 1 to 4 weeks for the bruises and swellings that occur as a result of the surgery to heal. These times may vary per person. It may be helpful to keep the head above heart level during this process. Likewise, a face mask should be worn continuously for the first week to prevent blood pooling under the skin and allow the facial skin to settle in a healthy way. It is sufficient to wear a face mask only in the evening for the next 2 weeks. Drinking plenty of water and not consuming salty foods are also points of attention. It is extremely important not to smoke during the recovery period after facelift surgery. Smoking both slows the rate of wound healing and can cause inflammation. It is extremely important that patients pay attention to their lifestyle in the postoperative period.” The incisions made during facelift surgery are usually placed in areas such as the inside of the hair so that they are not visible. Although the incisional scars originating from the incisions in the ear area are more visible in the first months after surgery, they lose their brightness over time. It is recommended to stop smoking as this can slow down the healing process.

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