“Think of your muscles as well as your bones”

Kent Hospital Emergency Medicine Specialist, a practitioner of functional medicine, Dr. Sevilay Karaduman said that many elderly people have an idea about osteoporosis, but sarcopenia and its importance are not known. Assume that as he ages, his muscle mass decreases and his functions deteriorate, which negatively affects his ability to move. Dr Karaduman said: “Studies have shown that the first two causes of death in old age are trauma and injuries caused by cerebral hemorrhage and hip fracture. Therefore, not only the bones are important, but also the mass and functional capabilities of the muscles that encase the bones as a corset.

“As we age, both the number and function of mitochondria decrease”

exp. Dr Karaduman said sarcopenia should not be seen as a normal consequence of aging. Karaduman said: “By increasing the mitochondria in the muscle with physical activity, good dietary habits and supplementary products, a more efficient and stronger functioning of the muscle tissue can be achieved. As we age, both the number and function of mitochondria, the body’s energy factory, decrease. Therefore, mitochondria are directly related to all diseases in the aging process and must be supported in this process. “Many of the medical and even cosmetic problems associated with aging can be reversed by increasing the function and number of mitochondria.”

Protects against metabolic diseases

exp. Dr. Karaduman explained that the muscles have an important job, such as providing support and strength to the bones by giving them the ability to move, and protecting them from metabolic diseases. Claiming that adipose tissue is formed on the weakened areas of muscle loss, Uzm. Dr. Karaduman, “Adipose Tissue; It is associated with many metabolic problems, such as hormonal problems, blood sugar, cholesterol, increased blood pressure, fat in the abdomen and the level of inflammation. Unfortunately, as a society, we tend to see all of this as a result of old age. But really, we should call it abnormal aging. When they function properly, our muscles can control blood sugar, fats, blood pressure, and hormones, protecting us from type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, and other metabolic diseases.

As you get older, you should focus more on belly fat and muscle. Because as our belly grows, our muscles shrink and their functions deteriorate. It is necessary to realize the connection between the abdomen and the muscles and move away from the mindset of seeing it as a necessity of old age. Support can be obtained from practitioners of functional medicine to age healthily and to support the muscle, the most neglected organ.

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