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Although applying make-up is an indispensable part of everyday life for many women and young girls, different dermatological side effects occur depending on the make-up products. Stating that the most important of these side effects is allergic skin rash due to makeup products, dermatology and venereal disease specialist Prof. Dr. Deniz Seçkin said: “These allergic reactions are manifested by redness, itching and dandruff on the skin, especially in the areas where makeup products come into contact.

Since the eyelids and skin around the eyes are thin and sensitive, allergic reactions can occur in these areas due to make-up products, especially eye shadow and mascara. If a person has previously developed an allergic reaction due to makeup products and the substance causing this reaction has been detected by a skin test, that person should definitely check the label of a makeup product before purchasing it and check if that person has any allergies. reaction substance in the product. Especially oily concealers and foundations can clog the pores of the facial skin, causing acne and acne precursor blackheads (comedones) in people with oily skin and in young people with a high incidence of acne (pimples). For this reason, it would be appropriate for people with oily skin and those prone to acne not to wear concealer makeup, avoid using oily makeup products and foundation.

Prof. Dr. Deniz Seçkin emphasized that the use of sunscreen should not be neglected when applying make-up and continued as follows:

“Exposure to the sun’s rays (ultraviolet) without protection can cause premature skin aging (wrinkles, lines, spots) and skin cancer in the long term. For this reason, it is appropriate to use sunscreen before going outside. People who do not want to use sunscreen for makeup – makeup, They can also use makeup products that contain UV protection (the UV protection function must be at least SPF 30) Another important point is that makeup materials are suitable for one’s own skin type. When products for oily skin used, the oily appearance of the skin may increase, and for dry skin, if appropriate products are not used, the dryness of the skin may increase, therefore, preferably choose products that are suitable for the skin characteristics in accordance with the recommendations from a dermatologist.”

According to Prof. Dr. Seçkin said: “When buying makeup products, the expiration date should be checked. Products with an expired expiration date should not be used. These products can become hosts to bacteria over time, and products specially formulated for the eyes and eyelashes can cause infections in the eyelashes and conjunctiva layer of the eye Make-up It would be appropriate not to share the products with anyone else and to clean the brushes used for make-up at least once a week to clean,” he added.

Seçkin stated that some homemade products often advertised on social media or products with unclear content should not be used, and also stressed the importance of removing makeup. Prof. Dr. Seçkin pointed out that before going to sleep, the make-up on the face should be cleaned with cleansing products suitable for the skin type and the skin should be moisturized afterwards.

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