This disease can interfere with paternity.

Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Mehmet Celal Şen explained 5 important points to know about undescended testicles and made important warnings and suggestions.

It shows no symptoms!

Undescended testis is a common disease in infants, which often goes unnoticed by the family and can be detected during a careful examination, as it does not cause any symptoms such as pain, redness or swelling. Pediatric surgeon Dr Mehmet Celal Şen said: “When the suppressive effect of postpartum hormones passed on by the mother disappears, an increase in the level of sex hormones occurs in babies. This allows the testicles to continue to decline and by the age of one is 70 percent of undescended testicles detected at birth have descended into the sac While the incidence of undescended testicles up to one year of age in our country ranges from 1 to 5 percent, this rate rises to 45 percent at premature babies.

Cosmetic products and pesticides can also cause it!

According to the studies; Noting that testicular descent is controlled by hormonal, physical, environmental and genetic factors, Dr. Mehmet Celal Şen explains the reasons why the testicles do not descend as follows: “Hormonal factors are abnormalities in sex development and disorders that reduce the production and effect of testosterone (male sex hormone). Physical factors are abnormalities that disrupt the anatomical structure of the testis and inguinal canal. Environmental factors are chemicals such as some substances (phthalates) and pesticides used in the manufacture of cosmetic products, which are exposed in the womb and negatively affect hormone production. Genetic factors are some syndromes and gene mutations that can cause undescended testicles.

Early diagnosis and treatment is very important!

Emphasizing the importance of early diagnosis and treatment in undescended testis, Dr. Mehmet Celal Şen said: “In order for the testicles to continue to produce sperm and hormones normally, they must be in an environment that is 2 to 7 degrees lower than body temperature, which is the case with puffiness. The cellular structures of the testicles exposed to body temperature deteriorate and the potential of these children to become fathers in the future is adversely affected. In addition, the possibility of developing testicular cancer in the future, asphyxiation of the testicles (torsion), and exposure to trauma are other reasons for treatment. In addition, the psychological effects of the appearance of an empty bag for the child should also be taken into account.

6 months to 1 year old treatment is a must!

Dr. Dr. Mehmet Celal Şen says, “Although this process is usually completed within three to six months, the chance of a spontaneous stroke gradually decreases after the sixth month. Therefore, the treatment of undescended testicles should be carried out after 6 months and at the latest at 1 year of age. Children diagnosed after the age of 1 should be treated as soon as possible.”

‘Shy Testicles’ should be followed until puberty!

Pediatric surgeon Dr. Mehmet Celal Şen stated that the testicles that have descended into the sac sometimes move upwards and cannot be seen in the sac. This reflex to protect the testis from cold and trauma is a purely physiological condition and does not require treatment. However, since it is known that a third of shy testes may develop undescended testes (ascending testes) in the future, these children should be followed until puberty.

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