This method saves lives during an earthquake! You can protect both yourself and your baby.

During an earthquake, many people first look for ways to protect their children. One of the measures people can take to protect themselves and their babies is to create a triangle of life. You can protect yourself and your baby by taking the fetal position in the predetermined triangles of life. The fetal position also plays a very important role in protecting the baby in the womb. We share with you what to do during an earthquake. Here are all the details on the curious topic…

Earthquake, one of the natural disasters with dull effects, also causes severe destructive effects. There are many different measures that need to be taken to minimize the effects of the earthquake. Before the earthquake, it is important to determine the points where you can create a triangle of life in the house.

To do this, you need to create a triangle of life by crouching next to items that can provide protection, such as tables supported by sturdy chairs, a full and bulky couch, and a full chest. You can protect your head with a pillow book or similar protective material by taking your head between your hands. In this position, wait until the shaking is over. What to do in case of an earthquake is as follows:

Find a safe place and crash your laptop
CLOSE to protect your head and neck
KEEP it in a stable place to avoid falling
Don’t run to the stairs or the exits!
Persons affected by an earthquake in a place such as a classroom or office should stand under sturdy desks or next to them, and if they are in the hallway, they should stand next to the wall so that they can form a triangle of life. Protecting the head and neck with the squat-trap-hold movement occupies an important place.

By stating that contractions can occur because of the anxiety and stress pregnant mothers experience, experts emphasize that problems such as premature birth and miscarriage can also occur. Taking precautions before the earthquake also keeps the baby safe as it reduces stress.

People who are home at the time of the earthquake should take their baby and make the transition to a safe area. While holding the baby with one hand, support your other hand from a firm place. Stay in this position until the shaking stops. Make sure there are no objects, glass or windows that could injure you. After the earthquake has stopped, quickly leave the found area. After leaving the house, go to a safe place. Since carrying items such as prams and prams will reduce your speed, not using them is the quickest way out. To move quickly, move to a safe place while holding your baby.

In the context of the experts’ statement, the fear and stress of the expectant mother also negatively affect the baby. After the earthquake, expectant mothers should seek medical and psychological help from a specialist. In addition, you can use relaxation and relaxation techniques to reduce muscle tension and stress levels caused by anxiety. In this context, the post-earthquake process can be easily overcome by undergoing medical treatment. Experts argue that families should plan ahead and be careful to reduce anxiety.

Families with babies think more about their children than about themselves during an earthquake. The items to be kept in the baby earthquake bag are as follows:

medicines for babies
Food products (ready meals)
Wet wipes
Foods that do not spoil for a long time
Personal prescription drugs
Radio (with spare battery)
first aid kit
Photocopies of important documents

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