Those who consume regularly do not get a heart attack

Scientists continue to research nutrients that protect heart health and extend human lifespan. It turned out that one of these foods was currants.

Also known as black currant, currants are used in our country in traditional dishes and desserts such as stuffed leaves, stuffed rice and ashura. The Latin name of the fruit, which is known in English as “black currant”, is Ribes Nigrum.

Scientists have revealed the miraculous benefits of this food that we threw our shoes at. Experts realized that this fruit fights against atherosclerosis by increasing blood circulation by 45 percent.

Currants, which we use in dishes such as ashura, zerd, stuffed rice, stuffing and wrap, are a great enemy of blood pressure. So what exactly are currants medicinal against? What are the effects of currants on heart health? What are the benefits of currants?

Professor at the University of Chichester. Dr. Mark Willems studied the effects of CurraNZ extract from New Zealand currants on heart health and blood pressure.

CurraNZ is the trade name for a naturally sourced health and fitness dietary supplement made from New Zealand blackcurrants, which contain very high levels of anthocyanins. This dietary supplement, which is marketed to those who are into fitness, is consumed to accelerate muscle recovery after exercise, reduce fatigue, increase stamina and help burn fat.

According to Mark Willems, professor of Exercise Physiology, this dietary supplement can have regulating effects on the general blood circulation after just one week of use. The fruit can help turn back the body’s clock 10 years with regular use.

Willems, who has been working since 2013 on the effects of a supplement called CurraNZ, obtained from New Zealand black currant extract, received an award for this work. The supplement won first prize in the Best Sports Nutrition Product category at the European Sports Nutrition Alliance Awards 2021.

The study, conducted at the University of Chichester, reached important conclusions about the benefits of currants for cardiovascular health. Researchers noted that taking a currant extract supplement (CurraNZ) increased blood flow to the main artery during muscle contraction by as much as 45 percent. Clinically significant results were seen between four and seven days.

The blood flow-boosting effects of currant extract are largely attributed to anthocyanins, which dilate the arteries, increasing blood flow to muscles, tissues and other vital organs. Currants are among the fruits that contain anthocyanins. The extract of the New Zealand berry, which is very high in anthocyanins, has been shown to have both a rapid and a large-scale effect on cardiovascular health.

In addition to anthocyanins, currants are also rich in potassium and linolenic acid, which have scientifically proven benefits for hypertension and cardiovascular health.

Potassium can lower blood pressure, while GLA helps cells in the heart resist damage and slows platelet clumping in blood vessels.

Professor Willems said: “The compounds of currant make the blood vessels healthier and younger”, stating that due to the ease of use of currant extract, it can have a significant effect as a preventive medicine element and also have a healing effect on our veins.

Professor Willems’ research adds to a number of studies supporting the use of black currant extract to lower high blood pressure in hypertensive patients.

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