Those who eat every day live to be 100 years old! Scientists reveal the secret to longevity

There are many things you need to do to slow down your aging and live a long life. Recent discoveries in the science of anti-aging show that it’s not as hard as it seems. Scientists shared the secret to a century of living in their latest study.

While the secret to longevity depends on our genetic makeup, our lifestyle and habits also have a major impact on our longevity and quality of life. We have put together for the readers of what to do and what foods to consume to reach the age of 100.


Do what you always do. If you let go of something you’re doing and enjoy doing that gives you a sense of “purpose,” you’re going downhill fast. Always exercise your mind. Read a book, discover new places or solve puzzles. Activities you love train your brain.

Regular exercise strengthens your bones and heart. By exercising you also train your muscles.

Physical activities also increase the number of cellular mitochondria. All studies show that the greatest secret to longevity lies in physical activity. You can train your body by following a certain exercise program or by walking regularly every day.

Water is the source of life. Your body always needs water. Research shows that drinking enough water can reduce the risk of colon and bladder cancer.

It also helps lubricate joints, hydrate cells, and flush toxins from your liver and kidneys.

Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day also helps keep the digestive system working regularly.

It removes edema and toxins that have accumulated in the body in a short time. It also maintains skin health. It helps the skin to age later by saturating it with moisture.


Vitamin D plays an important role in stopping aging. In our country, 9 out of 10 people have a vitamin D deficiency. To meet the vitamin D deficiency, you can take advantage of the sun and start consuming foods that contain vitamin D.

You always need foods with a high vitamin and mineral value to strengthen your immunity and increase your body’s resistance.

You can get all the vitamins your body needs, especially if you eat fruit and vegetable based portions.

Foods such as plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, and plant proteins protect your body’s health. It repairs your body so that you can live longer and healthier.

It is recommended that people who have had partial or facial paralysis consume pine nuts, one of the rare foods rich in vitamin K. Pine nuts, which also contain vitamin C, help repair cell deterioration caused by stroke.

dead nettle
When the mucus in the throat and lungs decreases, the person has difficulty breathing. This leads to a decrease in the moisture content of the mucous membrane, usually caused by viruses. As you breathe, chest tightness and coughing attacks occur. Ibn Sina says that nettle is the best way to avoid this.

It increases the moisture content of the mucous membranes in the throat and lungs by cooking and consuming the nettle, which causes severe itching on the skin when touched. In addition, thanks to the substance it contains and has a burning effect on the skin, it prevents all viruses in the body from attaching to cells or organs.


As age progresses, the deformation of the cells in the skin increases, which negatively affects the brightness and vitality of the skin. To avoid this situation, Ibn-i Sina recommends consuming fava beans regularly from childhood.

Legumes are the basis of any diet for longevity.

Legumes contain more nutrients per gram than any other product in the world, with an average of 21 percent protein, 77 percent mixed carbohydrates and very little fat. Most long-lived people consume an average of at least half a cup of legumes per day.

Your body needs healthy fats. Nuts are good sources of fat, fiber and protein, so they keep you feeling full longer without the sugar rush and subsequent dip that some sugary snacks give.

One study within a study found that those who eat the most nuts have a lower risk of dying from any disease, especially cancer, heart disease or respiratory disease.

For this reason, it is recommended to include healthy nuts in your diet list. 5-6 hazelnuts consumed in snacks also increase your body resistance.


Walking at least two kilometers every day has a positive effect on both body and brain health. Because regular walking causes the formation of new connections in the brain.

Chronic stress causes both physical and mental wear and tear. Stress is at the root of many mental illnesses. That’s why keeping stress out of life as much as possible is one of the keys to a healthy life.

Sleep is essential for both physical and mental rest. Mouse experiments have shown that sleep-deprived mice live much less than other mice.

Therefore, sleep is not a time to be lost. Newborn babies continue to develop with 18-20 hours of sleep per day. In adult life, at least 7 hours of sleep a day is essential for the body’s cell renewal and memory recovery.

The aging process is influenced 30 percent by genetic inheritance and 70 percent by lifestyle. Although the aging process cannot be stopped, you can minimize the effect by adopting a healthy lifestyle. You can stay young by reducing your portions. You can only build your diet that meets your body’s daily calorie needs.

Vitamin D plays an important role in stopping aging. In our country, 9 out of 10 people have a vitamin D deficiency. To meet the vitamin D deficiency, you can take advantage of the sun and start consuming foods that contain vitamin D.

Sugar is very harmful to the body. For this reason, you should not consume foods that contain sugar. If you must consume sweets, consume cookies, candies, and bakery items on special occasions. Limit added sugar to coffee, tea or other products to no more than 4 teaspoons per day. Do not use products that contain sugar in the top 5 ingredients.

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