Three times higher risk of urinary tract infections in girls

Pediatric Health and Disease Specialist Assoc. Dr. İlke Beyitler said, “There is no room for neglect.” Warning that negligence can cause risky conditions such as kidney failure, hypertension and pregnancy problems in the future, Assoc. Dr. İlke Beyitler stated that this situation can be prevented by drinking plenty of water and urinating frequently and sufficiently.

Assoc. shares the knowledge that urinary tract infections can arise for many reasons. Dr. The couplets mentioned several ways to avoid this situation. Assoc explains that children who cannot be treated in the event of a late diagnosis may develop high-risk conditions in the future, such as kidney failure, hypertension and pregnancy problems. dr. For this reason, couplets emphasized that it is very important to diagnose the ailment in question and follow it up with the right method of treatment in a timely manner.

Easy to treat but neglected

Noting that urinary tract infections, one of the most common infections in children, pose a risk, especially to young children, Assoc. Dr. İlke Beyitler stated that this situation can have dangerous consequences for the developing kidneys. associate Dr. “Although easily treatable, this condition, which is neglected by most, could lead to greater problems in children in the future,” said Mr.

Beyitler listed the factors that cause urinary tract infections and said, “Toilet training in young children is a difficult and lengthy process. During this time, parents have to spend a lot of time. Preschool or kindergarten children are hesitant to go to the toilet for many reasons and hold back their urine. This in itself is a cause of urinary tract infections. If the urine stays in the bladder for a long time, there is an increase in the bacteria that cause disease, and thus the protective cells are destroyed and a urinary tract infection develops. The most common symptoms are constipation, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and inability to gain weight.

Dr. Couplets said this was discovered by the parents in the first place. Referring to the findings on the infection, Dr. Couplets noted that this situation manifests itself in young children with “occasional urination of children, restlessness and fever”. dr. The couplets emphasized that because school-aged children can express themselves, they can express this with expressions such as “back or low back pain, it hurts when urinating”. Noting that urinary tract infection, which has become a common situation lately, is common in boys up to the first year, Beyitler said that this problem is more common in girls after the age of one.

A lot of water should be consumed

Assoc. shares the knowledge that urinary tract infections can arise for many reasons. dr. The couplets also touched on the ways of protection. The couplets said that the most important and beneficial defense mechanism in the fight against these infections is “to urinate frequently and in sufficient quantities and to consume a lot of water”. As for some causes of infections, Assoc. Dr. “Reasons such as washing the genital area too often with soap or shampoo, insufficient bladder emptying, kidney stone disease, being uncircumcised and bladder dyssynergia can cause infection. Generally, however, this infection occurs when gut bacteria reach the urinary tract. Urinary tract infections, seen in 3 percent of girls, are seen in 1 percent of boys. This is because bacteria that advance to the bladder can reach the bladder more quickly in girls. Factors such as unnecessary antibiotic use and poor hygiene also disrupt the natural environment of the genital area. For example, children’s resistance to urinary tract infections decreases.

Beyitler reminded that adequate fluid intake should be ensured and the bladder should be emptied regularly to prevent urinary tract infection, and also shared many important details, from reviewing hygiene habits to using clothes.

Dress children in looser and more comfortable clothes

Pediatric Health and Disease Specialist Assoc. Dr İlke Beyitler said: “The genital area should only be washed with water, not soap or shampoo, in girls, the genital area should be wiped from front to back, and the bath time should not be extended. In addition to all these things, it is not preferable to wear tight pants, tights or pantyhose. Instead, children should wear looser pants and comfortable clothes. In overweight children, it is difficult to keep the genital area dry. For this reason, a personalized nutrition and sports program should be applied for healthy weight loss, one should not stay in the sea or swimming pool for a long time, and wearing a dry swimsuit after going out is one of the factors to be taken into account.

How is it treated?

Assoc. explained that under normal circumstances, urinary tract infection can be treated with appropriate antibiotics within 5-10 days. dr. On the other hand, couplets said that the treatment period can be extended to 14 days in more severe infections. Informing that antibiotics may need to be administered intravenously or by injection, depending on the severity of the infection, Assoc. dr. “In addition to treating urinary tract infections in children, it is of great importance to examine high-risk patients with certain imaging methods and to prevent the development of new infections. Ultrasound of the urinary system is the most commonly used method for this.

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