Through vaccination it is possible to reduce the risk of heart and lung diseases.

To state that there is a general opinion that only infants and children will be vaccinated will create major problems for public health. Dr. Cengiz Uzun provided information on vaccines for adults. Pointing out that the vaccine’s protection decreases with age, Uzun said: “As we have seen recently with Covid-19, the structure of viruses can change in a short time, new diseases appear and people become vulnerable to them. The best precaution that can be taken against the risk of developing diabetes, heart and lung diseases that develop with age is the vaccination of the individual in a programmed manner. For this, you should definitely go to an infectious disease specialist and vaccine programming should be done.

Smallpox eradicated by vaccine

Establishing that living in a vaccinated world, rather than living in an unvaccinated world with scientific studies, brings countless benefits. Dr. Cengiz Lang; “Infectious diseases have led to millions of deaths throughout history and have even led to the extinction of some civilizations. Smallpox, for example, was completely wiped out from the world with the discovery of the vaccine and its application to the public. We used to see people who have had polio in the recent past, but after vaccination we can say that we don’t see this disease much anymore. “What would happen if we stopped vaccinating?” published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1994. According to the report; Although in the twentieth century there were 21 thousand 053 cases of diphtheria and 16 thousand 316 cases of polio, in 2007 no more cases were detected after vaccination. Similarly, the number of 530 thousand 217 cases of measles due to vaccination fell to 43 cases.

Vaccination should be done before traveling

Angry. dr. Long continued:

“Compared to the vaccination rate of children, the vaccination rate of adults is quite low. Preventing this is a major step towards a more liveable society and environment. Vaccines such as Influenza (flu), Pneumonia, Shingles, Tetanus, Hepatitis, HPV, COVID-19 are vaccines that should be administered by adults, especially when traveling to areas where some infections are causing epidemics. For example, to fulfill the Hajj obligation, it is necessary to get the meningococcal meningitis vaccine before going to Saudi Arabia; Otherwise, entry into the country is not allowed. In recent years, tourist, business and educational travel to countries in the Far East, Africa and South America has increased. At least 2-4 weeks before going to these countries, a doctor should be consulted, the necessary vaccinations should be done and recommendations should be given.

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