Tips to make your tulle curtains white

With the revival of nature and the arrival of spring, it’s time to clean the house! Washing the curtains and fabrics in the house freshens up the air in the house and makes the living room feel cleaner and more spacious. However, the delicate nature of tulle curtains requires care when laundering. It is important to wash your tulle curtains correctly, both to ensure cleanliness and to ensure their longevity.

How often should tulle curtains be washed?

Tulle curtains not only add a beautiful touch to the windows in your home, but also freshen the air in your home. However, dust, dirt and other air pollution in your home can make your tulle curtains dirty over time. So, how often should you wash your tulle curtains?

In general, it is recommended to wash your tulle curtains once or twice a year. However, this frequency can vary depending on factors in the home. For example, if the air pollution in your home is high, if you have pets, or if your tulle curtains are in light colors, you may need to wash them more often.

If your tulle curtains are light-colored, especially white, you may need to wash them more often. White tulle curtains can enhance the look of dirt and stains. That is why it is advisable to take the time to wash your curtains when you notice dirt or stains.

Before washing your tulle curtains, check the washing labels and follow the correct washing instructions. Some tulle curtains are only hand washable, others are machine washable. It is important to use the right washing method to extend the life of your curtains.

Before washing your tulle curtains, you can also use a vacuum cleaner to lightly dust them. This can make your curtains smell cleaner and fresher.

How to wash white tulle curtain?

If you prefer a clean and clean look in your home, keep your white tulle and curtains clean. Since light-colored curtains are usually preferred, it’s important to clean your curtains, which get their fair share of dirt and dust, during seasonal transitions. Of course, if the stove is installed, especially if there is smoking in your house, then the curtains in the rooms will have to be washed more often, as they get dirty and turn yellow faster. But what can you do to ensure that your white tulle always looks white?

Here are the tips for washing white tulle curtains that will make your curtains look like snowflakes:

1. Powdered sugar


Although it is a very surprising method, it is actually one of the most practical and well-known methods to whiten tulle curtains. You put your tulle curtains in your washing machine as you always do and at the setting you always use. Then add 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar in the form of heaps. However, you do not put the icing sugar in one of the detergent compartments of your washing machine, but sprinkle it directly on the tulle. Then you let your machine run and you get a much whiter image than before. One of the frequently asked questions is whether the curtains are sticky due to the addition of sugar. Since the sugar melts from the effect of the hot water in the machine and is then rinsed, there is no such thing as sticky, and again, because the sugar melts, it won’t clog your machine’s drain.

2. Vinegar


You know that vinegar is a common cleaning agent. Did you know that vinegar can also make your tulle and curtains white? Vinegar, one of the masters of cleaning, does a great job on your tulle and curtains if you add a measuring cup to your washing machine’s detergent dispenser. We definitely recommend trying the vinegar, which makes it both soft and whitening.

3. Rock salt


Another natural material that you can use to whiten tulle curtains is rock salt. However, rock salt is used before washing this time, not during the washing phase. If you have time, soak your tulle in rock salt water the night before, leave it in salt water overnight, and then wash it as usual the next day. For a single curtain you will need about 4 tablespoons of rock salt.

4. Dishwasher tablet


One of the most commonly used materials to whiten tulle curtains is detergent tablets used in dishwashers. Although as surprising as granulated sugar, a dishwasher tablet placed on it after the tulle curtains have been placed in the machine is a very ambitious cleaning alternative to make the curtains whiter than ever before.

5. Carbonate


You won’t believe your eyes when you see that your curtains are cleaned differently than normal washing. Put 2 tablespoons of baking soda in the detergent dispenser and run it on normal wash cycles. If you want, you can also discard the baking soda during the wash.

6. Soda


Although the method of using soda is a bit of a hassle, it is one of the best methods you can use as the result is remarkable. You should have a container that you can put the curtain in. Then you pour enough water to cover it and pour the soda on top. After waiting 1 day, wash your curtain normally and you will be surprised when you see the result.

Tips for ironing your tulle curtains


Tulle curtains are a beautiful decoration that will add lightness and elegance to your home. However, they can be difficult to iron after washing and drying. Ironing your tulle curtains correctly will make them look better and hang neater. Here are some tips for ironing your tulle curtains:

Correct temperature setting

Iron tulle curtains on a low setting. High heat can damage or burn your curtains. So start with the low temperature setting and adjust as needed.

moisten it

Dampen tulle curtains before ironing. This makes it easier and better to iron the curtains. You can moisten the curtains using a jet of water or a steam iron.

a smooth surface

Make a smooth surface before ironing the tulle curtains. You can use an evenly spread towel or a flat table. This makes ironing your curtains easier and ensures a smoother finish.

Iron it down

To iron tulle curtains, start at the bottom and work your way up. This way you give your curtains a neater look. When ironing your curtains, use a cloth occasionally to prevent the iron from sticking.

Straighten the pleats

There may be creases and pleats on tulle curtains. To smooth out these creases, gently straighten and iron the curtains.

Wait to hang up

Do not hang the tulle curtains immediately after ironing. Leave the curtains for a few hours so that they cool completely and help remove wrinkles.

How should I wash my tulle curtains?

Check the washing instructions of your tulle curtains. In general, tulle curtains should be washed in cold or warm water, on the delicate cycle. It is also recommended not to use fabric softener.

What should I do if there are stains on my tulle curtains?

Do not use stain removers, but add a few drops of dish soap to warm water and gently rub your tulle curtains. Then rinse with plenty of water and let it dry.

What should I pay attention to when drying my tulle curtains?

Avoid direct sunlight when drying your tulle curtains. Also, do not hang your curtains immediately after washing, first wring them out slightly and then dry them in the tumble dryer on low heat or let them air dry naturally.

Do I have to iron my tulle curtains?

If you want to iron your tulle curtains, iron them at a low temperature and use an ironing cloth. However, if your curtains don’t require ironing, don’t iron them as high temperatures can damage your curtains.

How do I remove the odor from my tulle curtains?

To remove bad odors from your tulle curtains, add a few drops of lemon juice or white vinegar to the water and soak your curtains in this mixture for 30 minutes. Then rinse with plenty of water and let it dry.

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