Tobacco affects not only users, but also non-smokers.

Expressing that World No Tobacco Day, which is celebrated on May 31 every year, is an important day to draw attention to the harmful effects of tobacco products and raise awareness in society about tobacco avoidance, said Dr. Metin Gümüş, “World No Tobacco Day”, celebrates the goal of tackling the health problems caused by tobacco use and helping people lead healthy lives. elections sensitizes to encourage them to do so. Tobacco use is a major global problem that causes many health problems. Scientific research and health data clearly reveal the harmful effects of tobacco on health. Tobacco products such as cigarettes, hookahs, cigars and pipes cause cancer, cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems and many other serious health problems due to the nicotine and other harmful chemicals they contain. In addition, the health of people who do not use tobacco products may be threatened by secondhand smoke.

“It has to go beyond a one-day event”

Dr. Gümüş said: “On World No Tobacco Day, campaigns are organized to reduce tobacco consumption in all segments of society, information events are held and various communication activities are carried out to raise public awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco. However, World No Tobacco Day must go beyond a one day awareness event Permanent changes must be made to prevent and empower people to have a healthy future As individuals it is our responsibility to stay away from tobacco products and maintain a healthy lifestyle Understanding the negative effects of tobacco use is important to protect our health and the health of our loved ones.

As a family, it is also very important to tell our children about the harmful effects of tobacco and to dissuade them from this habit. Educational institutions and health authorities organize awareness programs on the harmful effects of tobacco use and carry out awareness-raising activities among young people. In addition, there are strict rules regarding the sale of and access to tobacco products and efforts are being made to strengthen tobacco control policies. Effective measures such as tax increases, advertising bans and packaging regulations are being taken. Accessibility of health services and strengthening addiction prevention programs are important steps for policymakers to take decisive action to combat the impact of the tobacco industry.

“Let’s start building a tobacco-free future today”

“World No Tobacco Day highlights the importance of taking steps for a healthy future.” Dr Gümüş concluded his statement as follows: “It is our responsibility to be aware of the harms of tobacco use, to make healthy life choices and to stay away from tobacco. On this World No Tobacco Day, we must take the opportunity to take further steps in the fight against tobacco addiction and act together. For our health and the health of our loved ones, let’s start building a tobacco-free future today.”

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