Top 10 brands to buy diamonds in Turkey

With its brilliance and unique beauty, the diamond is a woman’s best friend. Diamond, which adorns the dreams of almost every woman, is one of the indispensable marriage proposals. Known as the most precious form of diamond, diamond is prized by everyone for its appearance and value. Used in many products such as rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, diamonds are especially preferred by women who love their elegance.

Therefore, this content we have prepared contains a list of the best diamond brands in Turkey. These brands, which stand out for their diamond quality, reliability and design, are the first choice for the most special occasions.

List of best diamond brands

Order Brand Silver setting Neoldu Score
An Casentra 0.1 carat 10/9.8
2 Cartier 50 carats 10/10
3 Altinbas 14 karat 10/9.9
4 Kocak 0.59 carat 10/9.8
5 Aris Diamant 0.30 carat 10/9.8
6 Zen diamond 0.40 carat 10/9.8
7 Blue diamond 0.46 carat 10/9.8
8 Atasay 0.75 carats 10/9.8
9 Sinai diamond 0.40 carat 10/9.7
10 Gulaylar diamond 0.33 carats 10/9.7

Turkey’s top 10 diamond brands and models

Here are the best and reliable diamond brands that will draw attention to you…

1. Kasentra Kasentra zircon stone ring

The Kasentra brand, owned by Esra Ezmeci, attracts attention with its stylish models. Kasentra, which brings modern touches while combining diamond and elegance, is especially appreciated by those who love simplicity. The brand, which attracts attention even in the most elegant invitations with this ring model, which is engraved with zircon diamonds, allows you to create sets with the earring model.

Fashion model Ring
Amendment 0.1 carat

User Comments

👤 It is a model that I can comfortably use both in an elegant invitation and in my daily life. S***G**

👤 Honestly, I ordered it because I was afraid it would be rough in hand, but it looked very nice and classy, ​​I’m glad I bought it. R*** B***

2. Cartier High Jewelery 1895 wedding ring


Founded in 1847, Paris-based Cartier is known for its luxurious and elegant designs. Creating stylish and unique designs using high quality diamonds and diamonds, Cartier makes you feel special with this model. This diamond ring, which comes to mind especially on the most special occasions, such as a marriage proposal or wedding anniversary, not only shines with its design, but also with its quality.

Fashion model Heart Solitaire
Amendment 50 carats
Snow oval

User Comments

👤 I don’t have to talk about the quality of the brand anyway. I really like the model and the way it fits in my hand. J*** T***

👤 It has a show and attitude that deserves its award. S***A***

3. Altınbaş 14K Gold Baguette Ring AYZVR1757-24627


Fair price

Altınbaş, one of the top diamond brands in Turkey, is appreciated for its luxury diamonds and gold jewellery. Since 1950, the Altınbaş brand, which first comes to mind when we talk about diamond solitaires, has witnessed the happiest days of married couples. Altınbaş, which offers both a modern and very flamboyant design with this 14-karat baguette ring model, is one of the bestsellers.

Fashion model Drumstick
Amendment 14 karat
Snow Square cut

User Comments

👤 I have it in my dictionary. He liked it very much. Also, the fast shipping and packaging was great, thanks Altınbaş. **** ****

👤 We love it, I bought my mom a beautiful and elegant ring♥️ D*** Y**

4. Koçak 0.59 carat diamond sapphire earrings RK02365


Koçak, which has been among the top brands of diamonds since 1958, offers jewelery suitable for every budget with different carat options. Koçak Pırlanta, the first choice of those who want to buy diamond rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, also attracts a lot of attention with its sapphire model earrings. This model of diamond earrings, which is very stylish and elegant at the same time, fits in almost any combination.

Gold setting 18
Amendment 0.59 carats

User Comments

👤 I chose it for elegant invitations, it looks very beautiful. U *** R ***

👤 Her attitude and shine are beautiful. one one ***

5. Ariş diamond 0.30 carat effect diamond five stone ring RA501396-8K


Being thin

Ariş Pırlanta, who has always made a name for himself with his carefully handcrafted diamond collection, has been leading the jewelry industry in Turkey for 117 years. Ariş Diamond, the choice of those who want to make their loved ones happy on special occasions such as wedding anniversary, marriage proposal and Valentine’s Day, is appreciated by those who love simplicity with its Effect Five Stone ring model.

Fashion model Five stones
Amendment 0.30 carat
Snow Round

User Comments

👤 I bought it with a single stone, you can buy it with confidence. A P ***

👤 It’s very elegant, not vulgar, just the way I wanted it. S**** S***

6. Zen 0.40 Carat Hera Solitaire Diamond Ring


Warranty certificate

Zen Diamond, one of the first and most reliable brands that comes to mind when it comes to diamonds, comes to the fore with its designs. With a very rich collection such as diamond rings, bracelets, earrings, watches and tie pins, Zen Pırlanta also shares the happiness of married couples with the Hera Tektaş diamond ring model.

Fashion model Patience
Amendment 0.40 carat
Snow Square

User Comments

👤 My girlfriend bought this ring for her marriage proposal. It was a model I already liked, but I liked it even more on my finger. Z**** me***

👤 It doesn’t look very stylish, it is quite elegant and classy. R**** S****

7. Blue diamond 0.46 carat specially designed five stone diamond ring



Blue Diamond offers quality diamonds for almost every budget and has been one of the best diamond brands since 2004. As it is the largest diamond producer and supplier in Turkey, it offers diamond designs in every carat range. Offering a very flamboyant look with this specially designed five stone diamond ring, Blue Dimaond does its best to make you feel special with its stylish illuminated box, warranty certificate and care card.

Fashion model Five stones
Amendment 0.46 carat
Snow Round

User Comments

👤 When ordering, I had many question marks like does my ring size fit or do I like her attitude, but after I came, they all disappeared. Really stylish and high quality. HUSBAND***

👤 My wife gave it to us for our anniversary, it is so beautiful, if I bought it myself, I would choose this model again. You *** F ****

8. Atasay 0.75 Ct. Diamond Baguette Beştaş ring


Atasay offers diamond rings of every cut, from princess cut to cushion cut, not only diamond rings, but also jewelry collections such as diamond necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Atasay, Turkey’s most trusted diamond brand, impresses those who see it with its newly released five-stone baguette.

Fashion model Five stones
Amendment 0.75 carats
Snow Drumstick

User Comments

👤 I like it a lot. HORSE***

👤 I bought it for my mom she liked it so much so I like it H**** A***

9. 0.40 Carat Sina Diamond Solitaire Diamond Ring YY05867


Box design
Being handmade

Sina Diamond, which has made a name for itself with its high-quality diamond models, is one of the brands preferred by jewelry lovers. Sina Diamond offers a clear and bright diamond with a 0.40 carat solitaire ring and is appreciated for its special design box and handcraft.

Fashion model Patience
Amendment 0.40 carat
Snow oval

User Comments

👤 I recommend it to those who are thinking of buying it very nice. His hand is very elegant and his diamonds are of very high quality. S**** S***

👤 Love the attitude, quality and shine G*** Y**

10. Gulaylar diamond 0.33 carat baguette diamond ring


be adjustable

Known in 55 different countries for its designs and diamond quality, Turkey’s top diamond brand, Gülaylar Pırlanta, offers carats in every setting. In this way, this brand, which offers many options for diamonds in different price ranges, increases the happiness between couples with diamond diamond rings.

Fashion model Patience
Amendment 0.33 carats
Snow Drumstick

User Comments

👤 The box was very stylish and neat. The ring that came out after opening the package was even more beautiful. C**** T***

👤 I love using it, I’ve always wanted a baguette cut diamond, I always ended up buying it and I’m glad I did. D*** U***

How is a diamond formed?

Diamonds are naturally formed underground over millions of years under high pressure and high temperature. A diamond is formed by combining carbon atoms with its crystalline structure.

What should I pay attention to when buying a diamond?

The most important factors to consider when buying a diamond are called the 4Cs: cut, clarity, color and carat weight. These factors determine the quality of the diamond.

Why is the diamond cut important?

The cut of the diamond affects the brilliance, fire and reflection properties of the diamond. A good cut allows the diamond to reflect maximum light and makes the stone appear brighter and more sparkling.

How should I clean my diamond jewellery?

You can use a soft brush and warm soapy water to clean your diamond jewellery. You can remove the oil and dirt on the diamond by brushing it gently. Then rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.

What does diamond carat weight mean?

Diamond carat weight is a unit that measures the weight of the diamond. A carat is 0.2 grams or 200 milligrams. The higher the carat weight, the higher the size and value of the diamond.

What is the 4C of a diamond?

The 4C of the diamond means cut, clarity, color and carat weight. These factors determine the quality and value of the diamond.

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