Top 10 curling tips for 2023 for every budget

Which curling iron is better? We have listed the best curling irons for you with which you can quickly style your hair at home.

We’ve included brands like Dyson and BaByliss in our list of curling iron recommendations that we’ve carefully crafted. We didn’t forget to mention the user reviews of these pliers.

Which is the best curling iron? How do you make a curling iron? The article with answers to questions such as will be very useful for those who want to buy new pliers.

List of best curling irons

Order Fashion model Thickness Neoldu Score
An Dyson Airwrap complete 19mm 10/10
2 Remington CI6525 25mm 10/9.7
3 Philips BHA530/00 38mm 10/9.8
4 Braun Satin Hair 7 IONTEC 24mm 10/9.7
5 BaByliss C332E Pro 32mm 10/9.7
6 Rowenta CF3460 25mm 10/9.8
7 Babyliss C1600E 28mm 10/9.7
8 Remington CI5319Pro 19mm 10/9.8
9 Arzum AR5028 32mm 10/9.8
10 Bad lyric 25mm 10/9.7

Top 10 Curling Tips

Curling irons are among the most practical hair care tools in modern life. Of course, some features may be important to users when buying pliers. In this content we have taken a closer look at the best models of curling irons with different heat settings, heating times and plate materials.

These are the best curling iron models:

1. Dyson Airwrap complete

Coanda effect No lock
heat setting

Dyson Airwrap, which tops our list of curling iron recommendations, comes with the Coanda effect. In this way, the product that allows you to have wavy hair does not damage your locks. The powerful device works at 1200 W. The pliers, which come with different brushes, are one of the best in our opinion.

Technical specifications
Height 272mm
power 1300W
temperatures 3

Dyson Airwrap Full User Reviews

👤 I researched for a long time before buying the product. It is a high price but quality product.

👤 Buying this product has been the greatest favor I have done myself. It forms so easily and beautifully that it is very expensive indeed, but believe me, it is worth every penny.

2. Remington CI6525

Best curling iron

ceramic plate No ion function
ready in 30 seconds

Remington CI6525, which is included in our curling iron recommendation, won’t damage your hair strands thanks to its smooth ceramic plate. The user-friendly product completely eliminates electrification with its anti-static function. The curling iron, which heats up in 30 seconds, knows how to get full marks from its users.

Technical specifications
Warm-up time 30 sec
Temperature setting 10
Thickness 25mm

Remington CI6525 User Reviews

👤 A quality product met my expectations. The packaging is very good, the store’s contact number was also included in the load, this creates a very special trust. Thank you.

👤 Exactly as I expected, I think the Remington quality is unquestionable, I can do my hair very easily now.

3.Philips BHA530/00

Best curling iron

Ion function

If you want a pliers recommendation, the Philips BHA530/00 will do the trick. Supported by 5 different devices, the product can make different styles. The fork, which has low power consumption, also attracts attention with its design.

Technical specifications
power 1000W
Ion function There is
Number of devices 5

Philips BHA530/00 User Reviews

👤 I did my hair with a little wavy part on the first try, but I didn’t like it. Then I tried the big wave part and it turned out to be fun. I advise.

👤 Very nice for creating natural waves. The thick part is not very permanent, but the thin part is very natural and permanent.

4. Braun Satin Hair 7 IONTEC

Best curling iron

Wireless use Fast charging end
High performance

Braun Satin Hair 7 IONTEC, one of the best tongue brands in our opinion, arouses interest with its width of 24 mm. The product, which is preferred by those who value their hair, is supported by a ceramic care roller. Recommended by many, tongs allow you to give your hair the desired shape with its high performance.

Technical specifications
Temperature setting 9
Width 24 cm
Cylinder material Ceramics

Braun Satin Hair 7 IONTEC User Review

👤 Compared with other curlers I have used, it has a very good performance.

👤 I highly recommend it, I can make my hair look great.

5. BaByliss C332E Pro

Best curling iron

10 different heat settings No ion function
Sublimation Touch

If you want a curling iron recommendation, the BaByliss C332E Pro is for you. The product, which has a quick heat-up function, allows you to easily prepare for the place you need to reach. The device is covered in Sublim Touch and delivered to the user with a 32mm cylinder plate.

Technical specifications
Width 32mm
Automatic shutdown There is
Tip material Silicon

BaByliss C332E Pro User Reviews

👤 It heats up quickly and does not burn the hair even at the highest temperature. I liked it and I definitely recommend it to everyone.

👤 The product just arrived and I tried it as soon as I received it. If you really shape it, you have a very natural look.

6. Rowenta CF3460

Best curling iron

Fast heating No audible alarm
Lock system

Rowenta CF3460, one of the best curling iron models, comes with 8 temperature settings. The product, which operates at a maximum of 200 degrees, offers a functional use with its 3 different programs. Ready to use in 45 seconds, the product is easy to use with its ceramic plate.

Technical specifications
Warm-up time 42 sec
Width 25mm
Screen LCD Display

Rowenta CF3460 User Reviews

👤 Very nice product. It’s a great product for the price that you can create any hair you want. Asli T**

👤 I am a very confident person in doing pliers and I can do all the hair I want with these pliers. I recommend it to everyone.

7. BaByliss C1600E Curl Secret

Best curling iron

Even heat distribution
LCD Display
Selectable direction of rotation

BaByliss, one of the first brands that comes to mind when it comes to curling irons, is making a name for itself with its model C1600E. The device, which has an even heat distribution, allows to shape the hair proportionally. Again, the product, which does not burn the hair strands with even heat distribution, is offered for sale with three different heat settings.

Technical specifications
Screen LCD Display
Heat setting 6
Warm-up time 100 sec

BaByliss C1600E Curl Secret User Review

👤 High priced but totally worth it.

👤 It is a very high quality product, I have been using it for about 6 months now. I advise.

8. Remington CI5319 Pro

Best curling iron

Warm-up time
heat setting

With Remington CI5319 Pro, one of the best curling irons, you can create the shape you want with 8 different heat settings. The product, which works at a maximum of 210 degrees, can be used on all hair types. The pliers, which are equipped with a heat-resistant stand, are comfortable to use thanks to the coating.

Technical specifications
Warm-up time 30 sec
Heat setting 8
Width 19mm

Remington CI5319 Pro User Reviews

👤 I bought this product for my wife, she has been using it for a while, so glad we bought this product. He keeps saying I am very happy every time he uses it.

👤 The features are nice, I recommend it.

9. Arzum AR5028 Lisa XL

Best curling iron

ceramic plate
heat setting

Arzum AR5028 Lisa, one of the best pliers models, is offered for sale with two different temperature settings. As with many curling irons, the device, which has a ceramic coating, is easy to use in this way. With a thickness of 32 mm, the product becomes the pioneer of permanent shaping.

Technical specifications
Plate material Ceramics
Heat setting 160-200°C
Width 32mm

Arzum AR5028 Lisa XL User Reviews

👤 I was torn between 32 and 38mm forks. Good thing I have these pliers. Because even this makes waves so natural that I think it will be a hair no different than straight at 38mm. Elif I**

👤 The price is quite nice in terms of performance. It is comfortable to use and holds even my medium hair really well. Esra K**

10. Bad lyric

Best curling iron

heat preservation system
shut down automatically

Fakir Lyric Poem, one of the best-selling sole brands, draws attention with its design. Thus, the curling iron, which has heat preservation and automatic shut-off systems, offers complete safety. The device, which has a keratin-added coating, thinks about hair health. The product, which works at a maximum of 200 degrees, is one of the best in our opinion.

Technical specifications
Heat setting 120⁰C – 200⁰C
Automatic shutdown There is
License plate Ceramics

Fakir Lyric Poem User Reviews

👤 I tried it once and the curls turned out beautiful. Curls would come right down on my old curling iron. I think it is a very good product.

👤 I think it is very classy in appearance and the fork part is lightly silver plated. I would recommend it to everyone.

Frequently asked questions about curling irons

We answered the questions about curling irons that keep your hair looking sleek all day long. Here you will find frequently asked questions about curling irons.

What is the best curling iron of 2023?

As for the best curling iron recommendation: Dyson Airwrap Complete, Remington CI6525, Philips BHA530/00, Braun Satin Hair 7 IONTEC, BaByliss C332E Pro, Rowenta CF3460 are among the most preferred curling irons with features such as different heat levels, heat up time, quality sheet material comes in for the place.

How do you make a curling iron?

First of all, make sure your hair is dry and clean. Next, take as much hair as you want on the tip of your curling iron and heat it. Do this all over your hair. After this process is completed, heat the direction of your hair in the front part outwards with tongs. This way your hair doesn’t fall forward. Finally, fix your hair with a few sprays.

Is curling iron harmful?

Using your curling iron at high temperatures for too long can damage your hair.

What does a curling iron do?

Curling irons are technological products that allow you to achieve the desired hairstyle in a short time.

Which curling iron should I buy?

To choose the right curling iron, you need to know how thick your hair is. If you want to curl your hair comfortably, it might be better for you to choose a curling iron with heat level options. If you want to style your hair better, you can opt for a self-rotating curling iron.

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