Top 10 door window sensors suitable for home and office

Door and window sensors occupy a very important place in security and home automation systems. These small but effective devices detect people entering and leaving your home or workplace and give you instant alerts. Whether used for theft protection or for energy conservation, door and window sensors play an important role in the security and comfort of your home or business.

List of best door window sensors

Order Brand APPLICATION Neoldu Score
An Xiaomi Aqara house 10/9.9
2 net Home+Security 10/9.9
3 conscious Bilicra smart 10/9.8
4 tuya Tuya smart 10/9.8
5 for For WiFi 10/9.7
6 sonoff eWeLink 10/9.8
7 S Link Tuya smart 10/9.9
8 Rxr Rx smart 10/9.8
9 Visonic Visonic Go 10/9.7
10 to give in to give in 10/9.6

10 best window sensor recommendations

These devices, which can be easily installed in just a few minutes, are activated by the opening and closing of your doors and windows and send you instant notifications. Thus, they ensure your safety and also help you save energy. We have examined these functional devices in detail for you.

Here are the best recommendations for door and window sensors:

1. Xiaomi Akara

Easy installation

Xiaomi window and door sensor 2nd generation is a smart door sensor. The device immediately alerts users by checking whether doors and windows are open or closed. In this way, safety in the home can be increased. The advantages of the device include affordable price, easy installation and compatibility with the Xiaomi smart home system.

Technical specifications
Detection distance 22mm
Operating temperature -10/50℃
bluetooth 5.1

Xiaomi Akara User Comments

👤 The product is very successful. I use it at home with Xiaomi Gateway 3. When setting up the automations, I created a nice safety net at home. I recommend the product.

👤 The product works better with Bluetooth Gateway. There is also a light detection sensor.

2. Netatmo smart door and window sensor

Best door window sensor

Voice commands

Netatmo Smart Door & Window Sensor monitors the status of doors and windows and instantly warns users of any dangerous attempt. The user-friendly mobile application, the energy-efficient design and the compatibility with smart home systems such as Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa betray its functionality.

Technical specifications
Application Requirements Android 5.0, iOS 10

Netatmo smart door and window sensor User Comments

👤 I was a bit hesitant when I bought this sensor, but it really works. Although the price is a bit high, the quality is absolutely amazing.

👤 I was able to set up very easily and the app is also very useful. I was very satisfied.

3. Bilicra Hodoor

Best door window sensor

Voice control
Alarm recording

Bilicra Hodoor is designed to alert you when doors and windows are open or closed. Users can control the device through the Bilicra Smart application. Plus, thanks to the device’s voice alerts, they can instantly learn about the movements in the home. In this way, the product, which demonstrates a functional use, manages to offer superior safety.

Technical specifications
Alarm notification There is
Operating temperature 0°C to 60°C
APPLICATION Bilicra smart
Immediate notification There is

Bilicra Hodoor User Comments

👤 The product is very good, I have been using it for a while. You can receive notifications from your phone by connecting to Wi-Fi with the application. Sometimes the message comes immediately, sometimes late. But there was no such thing as never coming.

👤 I bought the product for the 3rd time and I am very satisfied. Material quality is nice.

4. Tuya Wifi supported smart window and door sensor

Best door window sensor

Wifi support

This device is a smart window and door sensor. It is possible to manage this sensor with the Tuya app. This Wi-Fi supported product manages to satisfy its users with its easy installation. Being compatible with smart devices also reveals the functionality of the device.

Technical specifications
Wi-Fi There is

Tuya Wifi Supported Smart Window And Door Sensor User Reviews

👤 The products must be exactly opposite each other. Otherwise, the slightest axis shift will prevent reading. Other than that I haven’t seen any problems.

👤 The product is very good, it is super in instant notification.

5. Forri Smart wireless door-window sensor

Best door window sensor

Wifi compatibility
Loud alarm sound

This device can be used as a door and window sensor, as well as temperature and humidity measurement, thus offering a functional use. At the same time, this device can be managed through the Fonri Wi-Fi application. The product, which has advantages such as Wi-Fi support, multiple functions and easy installation, manages to please you with its affordable price.

Technical specifications
Operating temperature 0 / 40 degrees
Wi-Fi There is

Forri Smart Wireless Door Window Sensor User Comments

👤 The product is very useful, much better than very expensive products.

👤 A very successful product.

6. Sonoff Dw2

Best door window sensor

Fair price
Safe use

Sonoff Dw2 is a wireless door and window sensor. By managing this sensor with the eWeLink application you can realize a functional use. Users like the fact that the product supports Wi-Fi and it is easy to install. This way you protect the safety of yourself and your family members.

Technical specifications
Wi-Fi There is

Sonoff Dw2 User Comments

👤 The product is beautiful, easy to install. In order for it to work properly, it is necessary to exclude the phone’s program from battery saver. However, it sometimes gives a delayed warning.

👤 A very accurate and simple device. However, when you are abroad, out of town, your home and peace of mind are comfortable. And you put a camera in front of the door. oh topic closed.

7. S-Link SL – ZS02 Zigbee

Best door window sensor

Measure distance
Operating system support

S-Link Sl – ZS02 Zigbee Sensor works as a door and window sensor using the Zigbee protocol. It is possible to manage this sensor via the S-Link app. The product, which attracts attention with its long battery life, also knows how to please with its more secure wireless connection.

Technical specifications
Detection distance 15 meters
Operating temperature -10 – +50 degrees

S-Link SL – ZS02 Zigbee User Comments

👤 I recommend it better than wifi.

👤 I have been using it for a week now, I am very satisfied, when we open the door 7-8 cm, it detects that it opens. No delay time.

8. Rxr M-41-Wf

Best door window sensor

Sensor sensitivity

This sensor detects the opening and closing status of your doors and windows and sends you a notification. Thanks to the WiFi connection, you can operate the device remotely. The Rxr M-41-Wf is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and can be managed through the easy-to-use RXR Smart app. In addition, it offers easy installation thanks to its magnetic design.

Technical specifications
Detection distance 15mm
Operating temperature -10° / 50°

Rxr M-41-Wf User Comments

👤 Easy to set up and operate via a handy app. It is a functional device.

👤 Wifi connection is fast and reliable. The sensor is quite sensitive and I had no problems.

9. Visonic MCT-302N

Best door window sensor

Easy installation
Sensor sensitivity

Visonic MCT-302N wireless door and window sensor is a wireless sensor that sounds an alarm when a door or window is opened. The battery life is quite long and the device itself is quite durable. It can also be easily mounted thanks to the magnetic plate on the back of the device.

Technical specifications
Wi-Fi There is

Visonic MCT-302N User Comments

👤 It is a very handy and durable device. I am satisfied, I recommend it to those who are considering it.

👤 It was a product that appealed to me with its long battery life, ease of installation and precision. I bought it for my office, it does the job.

10. Surrender to the Smart Door Window Sensor

Best door window sensor

Immediate notification
Stylish design

With Şımart Smart Door and Window Sensor, you can keep your home safe by monitoring all movements in and out of your home. This device works through a magnetic contact with the door or window and the sensor measures the distance between two separate parts. The device works via WiFi connection and can be operated via the Pampering app.

Technical specifications
Detection distance 15mm
APPLICATION to give in
Compatibility iOS – Android

Smart smart door window sensor User Comments

👤 It is very easy to install and use. I recommend sending notifications immediately.

👤 Experience is good, the color is black and stylish. Good product. His work is good too.

What is the best door-window sensor of 2023?

As for the top door and window sensor recommendation, Xiaomi, Netatmo, Bilicra, Tuya, Fonri, Sonoff, S-Link and Rxr are among the most preferred brands of door and window sensors with features such as stylish design, sensitive sensor capabilities and sensing distance .

What is door-window sensor?

The door window sensor is a device that detects the opening and closing movements of doors and windows and informs the user. These sensors can work with various systems such as alarm systems, smart home systems or smart home devices by detecting whether doors and windows are open or closed.

What does the smart door sensor do?

Smart door sensors can detect the opening and closing movements of the doors, inform the users and can check whether the doors are open or closed. These sensors can work with various devices such as home security systems and smart home systems and can be used to increase home security. In addition, smart door sensors can also be used to increase energy savings in the home, as they can detect when doors are open or closed, allowing heating and cooling systems to run more efficiently.

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