Top 10 Mascara recommendations for voluminous and long lashes

Mascara brands and models

Mascara, which occupies an important place in eye makeup, complements beauty and is indispensable for perfect makeup. In this content, we have listed mascara models that accentuate the color of the eyes, accentuate the eyelashes and provide a vital look. The products in our content are dermatologically tested and are the mascara brands and models recommended by famous makeup artists.

Best Mascara List

Order To notice effect Neoldu Score
An Maybelline lashes sensational Feeder 10/9.9
2 Essence eyelash princess recovering 10/10
3 Loreal telescopic mascara Lasting effect 10/9.7
4 Lancome Hypnosis Strengthening 10/9.8
5 Loreal eyelash paradise Feeder structure 10/9.7
6 Yves Saint-Laurent Long-term durability 10/9.8
7 Max Factor False Lash Effect Anti-caking agent 10/9.8
8 golden rose Anti spill 10/9.7
9 Pharmacy Zen Permanent color 10/9.6
10 Flormar precious curl Non-smooth texture 10/9.7

Top 10 Mascara Brand Recommendations

We have listed the best mascara brands for you that should be used for an impressive make-up. We reviewed the best models of mascara that thicken your eyelashes and create a long-lasting effect.

Here are the best mascara models:

1. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

Maybelline New York’s Lash Sensational mascara tops our list of the best mascaras. The best-selling Lash Sensational attracts attention with its quality. Often recommended by Instagram and YouTube influencers, the product will make your lashes look fuller than ever before. Maybelline, which is preferred by people with short eyelashes, creates a beautiful look by separating the eyelashes one by one.

User comment

👤 It was so praised, I really liked it. S**** N****
👤 I bought it because it is a classic mascara, it curls really well when I apply it 2-3 times in a row. My lashes have gotten pretty enough to star in their commercials. S**** N****

2. Essence Lash Princess mascara

Mascara models

Essence Lash Princess, which is sold at a very affordable price, is highly appreciated by its users. The product, which makes your eyelashes really full, also manages to make you love it with its practical brush.

User comment

👤 It creates a fan effect, I really like it on the lashes, I leave my heart to this product. Emotion C**********
👤 I did not expect a product of this quality for this price, it is very successful, it does not clump at all, the lashes are separated and long. Z***S****

3. Loreal Telescopic Mascara

Mascara models

L’oréal Paris Telescopic mascara, ranked 4th in our mascara list, provides an instant longer look with its intense eyelash lengthening effect. The product, which has a brush that can separate the lashes one by one, prevents the formation of traces and clumping during the day.

User comment

👤 Bought on recommendation. Even though my lashes are short, it gives such a nice length, definitely buy it. The effect is beautiful. You will be satisfied. C**** S****
👤 Very good, it separated my lashes one by one in one ride and took them to my brows. H**** M****

4. Lancome Hypnosis Drama Mascara

Mascara models

Lancome Hypnose Drama, which is comfortable to apply, is preferred because it is long lasting. The product prevents clumping all day long and ensures that your lashes are taken care of one by one. Lancome even adds volume in a single tier and sells at a saltier price point than its competitors.

User comment

👤 It’s a perfect mascara, it gives volume and lengthens it very well. It does not itch the eyes, this is the mascara I will always buy from now on. G**** B****
👤 Muuuhteeeeshemmmm. I am in love with the product. Black sometimes looks too artificial, this is both Lancome quality and natural. P***** T*****

5. Loreal Lash Paradise mascara

Mascara models

Produced to withstand drying, L’oréal Lash Paradise is our editors’ favorite product. The product is recommended by many influencers and can make all your lashes fuller in one go thanks to the curved bristles. L’oréal Paris Lash Paradise, launched in 2021 with its renewed formula, is one of the must-try mascaras.

User comment

👤 I am extremely satisfied with a product that I use all the time, you will never regret it. Ceylan A*****
👤 Since my eyes are very sensitive, all the mascara was red and heavy. I tried it right away and it did not cause any redness or heaviness, it really is a good quality product. S**** D****

6. Yves Saint Laurent volume mascara

Mascara models

Yves Saint Laurent Volume mascara, which has made a name for its intense volume, shows a high effect even in a single layer application thanks to its special formula and self-volumizing brush. The product, which manages to get all the points from its users due to its practical use, can stay on the eyelashes for a long time. Yves Saint with special anti-drying prevents clumping during the day.

User comment

👤 Beautiful, it is very expensive but I will never buy another mascara again. The black is very black and makes my lashes look gorgeous and long. G**** J****
👤 It became my favorite mascara, I used another product from the same brand but this one is even better, it separates and lengthens one by one, it does not flow and does not spill, what else. Selin A*****

7. Max Factor False Eyelash Mascara

Mascara models

Max Facor False Lash Effect mascara, which has a quick and easy version, is of very high quality. The product is highly appreciated by users for its affordable price and high effect. The mascara, which prevents clumping all day long, provides deep nourishment and adds volume to the lashes.

User comment

👤 Excellent product for this price. It lengthens and fills. My lashes are thin but not short, that’s how it worked for me. Zehra B*****
👤 It’s a product that I already use a lot. Since the brush is a bit hard, it can be applied very easily and does not stick the lashes together. Irem D*****

8. Gold Rose Volume Mascara

Mascara models

Golden Rose mascara, one of the most purchased products on our list, repairs damaged lashes and adds natural volume. The product, which does not damage the eyelashes thanks to the special brush, has an affordable price. Golden Rose does not cause clumping and peeling, even with prolonged use.

User comment

👤 Although it was a product that I bought randomly, I was very satisfied, it is now my favorite mascara. Ceyda C*****
👤 I like the product. It makes my lashes look voluminous even though they are small. D**** C****

9. Farmasi Zen Mascara

Mascara models

Farmasi Zen, which comes across with its affordable price and high quality, is recommended by many people. The mascara, which has a special brush, is easy to use. Farmasi, which does not bleed in light water and sweat, creates striking looks thanks to its intense black color.

User comment

👤 Although my eyelashes are very short and sparse, they have an incredible effect. I can say it brought my eyes forward. A very high quality product. Oznur G*****
👤 I didn’t think it could be so beautiful. It stretches and bends. ARTICLE****

10. Flormar Precious Curl Mascara

Mascara models

Flormar Precious Curl, which makes lashes appear longer and more voluminous, is one of the most purchased brands. The product, which is preferred by people with short eyelashes, prevents clumping by separating the eyelashes one by one. Flormar, which received positive feedback from users, is one of the must try mascaras in our opinion.

User comment

👤 Separates the lashes one by one and gives volume. It seems longer than it is, I am very satisfied, but it may seem a bit small in size. AA****
👤 I always buy my favorite mascara extra and keep it at home. A**** F****

What is the best mascara of 2023?

best mascara As for the recommendations; Brands such as Maybelline Lash, Loreal, Lancome, Golden Rose, Farmasi Zen, Flormar embody models with nourishing, repairing, strengthening, nourishing structure, long-lasting durability and non-flowing structure.

How is mascara applied? Tips for applying mascara:

Lashes should be brushed and powdered before applying mascara. This way your lashes will be separated one by one and you will get the look you want. When applying mascara, move the brush diagonally across your lashes to avoid clumping. One coat of mascara may not give you the look you want, so it’s best to apply two or three coats.

Are mascara and mascara the same?

There is almost no difference between mascara and mascara, mascara makes the eyelashes thicker, mascara is a liquid structure that makes the eyelashes long and voluminous in the eyeliner category.

What does brown mascara do?

Brown mascara is used to naturally fill the lashes. Brown mascara, which is highly preferred by people with colored eyes, brings out the eyes and allows you to achieve the perfect look.

What is Clear Mascara?

Transparent mascara is the player for voluminous and upright lashes, which are applied without coloring your lashes. Transparent mascara, which does not spoil the naturalness of the eye contour, is preferable because it does not leave traces.

Which mascara brush should I choose?

The choice of mascara brush is completely related to the person’s eyelashes. If you have short eyelashes, you should use silicone and curved eyelashes, and if you have unequal length eyelashes, you should use thin and combed brushes.

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