Top 10 Real Estate Consulting Certificate Courses

If you want to pursue a successful career in the real estate industry, a certificate course in real estate consulting could be a good starting point for you. Certificate real estate courses are a valuable educational resource for those who want to pursue a career in the real estate industry or enhance their existing skills.

These courses prepare participants to successfully advance in the industry by providing them with in-depth knowledge of real estate marketing, real estate appraisal, contract preparation, client relationship management and real estate laws.

Check out our list of the best real estate consulting certification courses to help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to understand the dynamics of the real estate market, sharpen your sales skills, and command your clients impressively.

Real Estate Consulting Certificate Course Companies

Order Real Estate Course Neoldu Score
An Durry Academy 10/10
2 Udemy 10/9.9
3 Hero certification 10/9.8
4 Distance learning 10/9.7
5 Trojan Academy 10/9.6

5 Best Real Estate Consulting Certificate Courses

When choosing the best real estate consulting certificate course, we considered factors such as content, quality of teaching, certificate validity, and job prospects for graduates. Now you can get the right education for a successful career in the sector and improve yourself in real estate consulting with the certified real estate courses in the list we have prepared for you.

Here are the best real estate consulting certification course companies:

1. Durry

Durry Academy offers the Responsible Real Estate Broker training (Level 5) with a certification process for real estate advisor. This certification course grants access to the international certificate ISCO 08:3334 – Real Estate and Real Estate Management Professional/Real Estate Advisor. 17UY0333-5 Responsible Real Estate Consultant VQA Level 5 certificate, which is within the scope of the certification program, enables you to gain all the necessary qualifications in your field.

Document qualification requirements do not include prerequisites and the validity period is 5 years. While Durry Academy supports you with any questions you may have during the process of obtaining your certificate and during the renewal process, you must complete the application form, make payment and pass all professional qualification exams in order to obtain the certificate.


certificate course real estate advice

Udemy opens its doors to those who want to pursue a career in the real estate industry with its real estate consulting certification. Udemy real estate consulting courses designed by experienced trainers in the industry; real estate laws and regulations, market analysis, customer relationship management, sales strategies. It also enhances your learning experience with interactive lessons supported by practical examples and real-life scenarios.

Udemy real estate courses provide a flexible learning experience and allow you to access the course anytime, anywhere, whether on weekends or weekdays. Udemy also offers lifetime access to course materials, so you can always keep the information up to date.


certificate course real estate advice

Kahraman Certification ranks 3rd in our list of companies offering the best real estate consultancy certificate course. With the 17UY0332-5 Responsible Real Estate Consultant certification program, the company aims to train and qualify people to practice the profession of real estate consultant and to raise quality standards in the sector.

This document program consists of compulsory units and electives and defines the qualifications, knowledge, skills and competencies candidates should have. Kahraman Certification helps real estate consultants prove their professional competence and launch a successful career in the industry by supporting candidates from the certification process to the renewal process.

4. Distance

certificate course real estate advice offers comprehensive training for those who want to trade real estate and do business with the real estate consultancy course. The curriculum of the course has been determined in accordance with the Real Estate Regulations and includes the subjects that are required in the real estate sector.

The training covers topics such as appraisal of urban development, purchase and sale of rental, zoning plans, urban development, public relations real estate, behavior body language, real estate marketing, cadastre, land register, real estate law. In this way, trainees have the opportunity to learn about real estate consulting concepts, legal and economic dimensions, title deed transactions, real estate marketing techniques, mapping and zoning plans, cadastral studies and much more.


certificate course real estate advice

Truva Academy offers a comprehensive education to those who wish to specialize in the real estate industry with the real estate consulting certificate course. The course program covers the basics of the real estate profession, marketing skills, economic and legal dimensions, public relations, behavioral sciences, communication skills, cadastral and cadastral studies, land registry studies, real estate law, tax applications and other important topics.

Taught by expert trainers, Truva Academy’s real estate consulting certificate course is designed to provide participants with the most up-to-date information and practical skills in the industry. The training process includes interactive lessons, case studies and applied studies, giving participants the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practice.

How do you become a real estate agent?

While there are two options to become a real estate advisor, the first is to attend the departments like Business, Economics or Real Estate in the university, and the second option is to take Real Estate Advisor courses organized by the government or private institutions.

These courses allow you to gain knowledge and professional skills related to the real estate market. Doing an internship or working at real estate companies to gain experience is another way to get into real estate advice. This way you can get to know the industry better and improve your customer relationships and sales skills.

What are the documents required to become a broker?

Requests for real estate advice can be submitted individually or collectively (single point request). The documents required when applying to become a broker are listed below:

  1. The original copy of the “Personnel Certification Application Form” signed by the applicant.
  2. Photocopy of identity card (for non-Turkish citizens, copy of valid passport).
  3. Bank statement showing that the exam fee has been paid.

In addition to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd items above, documents proving the successful unit of proficiency/examinations must also be submitted with unit merger applications.
For information on additional documents required for recertification applications, inquire with CTR (Certification Exam and Certification Processes Officer).

How to Get a Real Estate Consultant Certificate?

To earn the Real Estate Advisor Certificate, you must apply online to institutions such as Durry Academy, which is authorized by MYK, and successfully pass the exams. After completing this process, prove your expertise in your career as a real estate consultant by earning your Professional Qualification Certificate.

How do you get the Vocational Qualifications Authority (MYK) real estate certificate?

To obtain the Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA) Real Estate Certificate, you must follow the steps below:

  • Application to the authorized institution: You must apply to the institutions authorized by VQA (Vocational Qualifications Authority). These organizations are the organizations that organize the examinations required for the professional qualification certificate and carry out the certification.
  • Online application: you must submit an application online via the website of the competent institution. During the application process you will be asked to provide your personal details and required documents.
  • Participation in exams: If your application is accepted, you will have to attend the exams required for the professional qualification certificate. The exams are designed to measure your knowledge and skills in the relevant profession.
  • Certification process: After you have passed the exams, the competent authority issues you the certificate of competence. This document proves your knowledge and skills in the field of real estate advice.

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