Top 9 Professional Elderly Care and Nursing Homes in Istanbul

Nursing homes, serving all the elderly in need of care in a family-friendly environment, fulfill all the wishes of the elderly with the great interest they show. Routine health checks of the elderly are performed 24/7 thanks to the doctors and nurses on the working staff of the nursing homes. These are the best nursing homes for the elderly in Istanbul that make a difference with their friendly staff.

1. Kumsal retirement home

There are a total of 61 rooms in Kumsal Elderly Nursing Home, which has a total of 3 living areas, including 1 private therapy unit and 1 common room, in a large area of ​​7,000 square meters. In this nursing home with a capacity of 100 beds, an institutional doctor service and advising specialist doctor service are provided on a daily basis. In this elderly care center within walking distance of the beach, many different activities such as Lego activity are organized. With the applied information system for private patients, you can optionally monitor the room 24 hours and collect information.

  • Address: Mimarsinan District Prof. Muammer Aksoy Street No. 73 Silivri – Istanbul
  • Telephone: +90 (212) 727 00 77

2. Unal Peace and Private Nursing Homes

nursing home

Ünal Huzur and Private Nursing Homes have been providing uninterrupted care for the elderly since 2004, helping the elderly to spend time comfortably, safely and securely with their technical services for years to come. The nursing home, which solves all the problems of its guests with its large number of health workers, keeps people’s motivation at the highest level with its social activities. The nursing home is located in 2 separate branches and has special care units.

  • Address: Zumrutevler Mah. Ataturk Cad. Nan Sok. No. 2 Maltepe/Istanbul
  • Telephone: (0216) 442 22 10

3. Kosuyolu Private Nursing Home

nursing home

In Koşuyolu Private Nursing Home, where patients can live in a happy environment with the care, love, compassion and kindness they show to the elderly, routine health checks of the elderly are performed every day. This nursing home, which offers service in the warmth of the family, has exercise, sports, psychological and rehabilitation activities. In the nursing home, where a total of 12 meals are prepared per day, a meal service is provided with the help of a special dietician, depending on the state of health of the people.

  • Address: Ahmet Yesevi Mah.Gulhane Cad.No:10 Pendik – ISTANBUL
  • Telephone: (0216) 473 82 12

4. Suadiye Nursing Home

nursing home

Suadiye Nursing Home, which has 3 different branches, one of which is VIP, is broadcast live from the centers for you to follow your relatives. In the nursing home, which provides a comfortable life for people with special care units and health services, many different activities are organized to socialize. With the help of expert psychologists, individuals are made to feel the warmth of the family by keeping their motivation at a high level.

  • Suadiye Branch: Bagdat Cad. Akkurt Sk. No: 1 Suadiye / Istanbul
  • Telephone: 0216 445 45 00
  • Beylerbeyi Branch: Burhaniye Mah. Kagitcibasi Sok. No: 19 Beylerbeyi / Üsküdar / ISTANBUL
  • Telephone: 0216 422 30 00
  • Idealtepe (VIP) establishment: Idealtepe Mah. Akguvercin Sok. No: 3 Maltepe / Kucukyali / Istanbul
  • Telephone: 0216 388 35 00

5. Nursing home and nursing home on the island

nursing home

In Nursing Home and Nursing Home Ada there are special suite rooms that are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by security personnel and a camera system. These rooms have many more amenities such as underfloor heating, private garden, telephone. Thanks to the winter garden in the elderly care center, people can easily continue their conversations in both summer and winter. In the nursing home, which offers 6 meals a day, special meals are prepared according to the person’s health condition. With the social activities and specialized doctors, the motivation of the guests is kept at a high level.

  • Address: Yenidogan Cad. Hazar Sock. No: 10 Kucukbakkalkoy Atasehir / ISTANBUL
  • Telephone: +90 216 290 19 16

6. Kadıköy Life Nursing Home

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The elderly care center, which opened in 2005 with a capacity of 199 people, expanded its service network by opening a second branch in 2010 with a capacity of 218 people. Kadıköy Yaşam Nursing Home, which enables individuals to live peacefully and comfortably in a family-friendly environment, can easily cater for all the needs of the elderly with a total of 90 staff members. Individuals on special nutrition and health programs are also monitored by physicians. Thanks to the activities that take place at regular intervals, the elderly get to know each other and motivation remains high.

  • Atasehir Branch: Ferhatpasa Mah. Gazipasa Cad. No: 116 Atasehir – ISTANBUL
  • Telephone: 0216 660 09 69 (PBX)
  • Maltepe Branch: Zumrutevler Mah. See sock. No: 15 Maltepe – ISTANBUL
  • Telephone: 0216 370 18 05

7. Konak Elderly Care Center

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Konak Elderly Care Center, which offers specialized physician check-up and 24-hour nursing care, makes its quality tangible by providing equal service to every individual. A personalized nutrition program is also organized in the nursing home, allowing the elderly to enjoy spending time with the friendly knowledgeable staff. People have fun and make new friends through social activities. With the psychological support provided, guests can easily share their problems.

  • Address: Esentepe Mah. Canakkale Cad. Serik Sock. No2 Kartal / ISTANBUL
  • Telephone: +90 216 672 63 73 | +90 216 672 63 73

8. Altınçağ Elderly Care and Nursing Home

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There are 4 different room styles in Altınçağ Elderly Care and Nursing Home, which can provide continuous or short-term care. In the nursing home, which has single, double and quadruple rooms, there are also suites with jacuzzis. Guests under medical supervision on certain 2 days of the week can be attended to by nurses and carers 24 hours a day. The elderly care center also has its own hairdressing service, where a total of 5 meals a day are served. Guests’ motivation is kept at the highest level with the excursions, entertainment, music and birthday events.

  • Address: Adnan Kahveci Mah. Pashazade Cad. (Fevzi Çakmak Cad.) Şimal Konakları A Block No:6 Gürpınar Beylikdüzü / İST
  • Telephone: +90 212 651 11 56

9. Nursing Home Eurasia

nursing home

In nursing home Eurasia, which admits people aged 55 and over, all requests from individuals are granted at all hours of the day. Daily psychological support is given to the elderly who pass the weekly doctor’s check-up. Thanks to the excursions, animations and birthdays organized by the institution, a pleasant environment is created by allowing guests to get along. The skills of the elderly are improved with physical and mental exercises in the morning.

  • Address: Küçükbakkalköy District Kayışdağı Caddesi Başar Sokak No:4-6 Ataşehir/İstanbul
  • Telephone: 0216 399 52 34

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