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The entertainment industry, trying to regain its old momentum after the pandemic, is rewriting its promotional strategies. With the spread of digitization, the organizers, who do most of their ticket sales through online platforms, are abandoning the traditional sales methods of these platforms. Because the mere sale of tickets for an event no longer meets the consumer’s needs.

While consumers want to know more about the organization they are about to visit or attend, organizers are looking for online ticketing platforms where they can properly promote their events and monitor their sales.

Umur Gökhan Çiçek, the founder of, stated that the organizers’ choice of platforms for their events plays a vital role both for themselves and for the consumers in terms of the booking experience and shared the points to consider at online event platforms.


With the arrival of the summer season, competition in the entertainment industry is on the rise. Many organizers are reaching a wider audience by selling tickets for their events through online ticketing platforms.

The global online event ticketing market, valued at $28.49 billion in 2021, is expected to reach $94.92 billion by 2027, according to data shared by Mordor Intelligence. Organizers, on the other hand, are looking for a new generation of ticketing platforms where they can manage and monitor the whole ticketing process in the background in light of the growing market.

So, what criteria should organizers look for when choosing the platform to sell on?

Qualifying: While many ticketing platforms allow consumers to buy their tickets in a convenient way, they may not provide the same comfort for organizers. In contrast, new-generation platforms such as enable organizers to increase their competence by introducing a control mechanism that allows them to independently participate in events and monitor them in the background.

Supporting PR work: It is not enough to just use online sales platforms to sell an event’s tickets to a wider audience. Because the more information consumers get about the organizations that interest them, the more likely they are to buy tickets. Therefore, promoting the event with the right methods through the right channels becomes the key to success. Online ticketing platforms that support promotional processes with tools such as blogs, podcasts, videos and social media create an advantage for the organizers.

Offer different payment methods: Each of the consumers may want to use different payment methods when buying tickets. Ticket platforms that accept a uniform payment method can lead to a drop in ticket sales. Platforms that offer the possibility to pay in different ways can maximize the sales of the organizers.

Umur Gokhan Cicek

The different ticket types are: Event ticketing systems come in different formats. Organizers, on the other hand, can increase their revenue by selling an event’s ticket with the ticket type that has the most appropriate transaction structure for them.

Focus on customer experience: Creating a flawless customer experience is critical in today’s world where consumer habits are constantly changing. When it comes to the entertainment sector that directly appeals to consumers, it is not enough for event organizers to offer quick and easy ticketing practices. Therefore, choosing ticketing platforms with easy-to-use websites or mobile applications that turn ticket sales into comfortable experiences for both organizers and consumers can increase the organizers’ sales momentum.

The fact that online ticketing platforms offer flexible and user-friendly solutions and provide outputs that can analyze the data plays an important role in helping the organizers understand the direction of the event they are selling. Performance-oriented platforms make all processes in ticket sales comfortable for both consumers and organisers.

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