Tragacanth Doll Art | Features and construction

Making tragacanth dolls is considered a traditional handicraft and is often done with care. Many different techniques and styles are used to make these dolls, and each tragacanth doll is a unique piece as it is handmade.

What is Traganth Baby?

Tragacanth dolls, which belong to the handmade toys, are small dolls made of white material, commonly known as tragacanth (plâtre). Making tragacanth dolls is a craft that originally began in France in the mid-1800s. These dolls have become popular in many parts of America and Europe, especially from the early 1900s.

Tragacanth, the material used to make tragacanth dolls, is a building material mainly used in ancient buildings and sculptures. Tragacanth, in the form of a white powder, is mixed with water to form a dough and then poured into molds to give the desired shape. These shapes are then finished by painting or embellishing. Tragacanth dolls are formed by combining original parts produced and painted in this way.

Tragacanth dolls are usually 15-50 cm tall and can be dressed in various costumes. These costumes are chosen in accordance with the characteristics of the dolls and are complemented by various accessories. Various other materials can also be used to make tragacanth dolls, for example materials such as plastic, hair, cloth, paper, metal or wood.

Tragacanth dolls are still collected by many people as collectibles and are generally used for home decoration.

Tragacanth baby history

Traganth Baby

The history of tragacanth dolls is quite old. Pottery dolls made in ancient Egypt are one of the earliest examples of tragacanth dolls. However, the making of modern tragacanth dolls began in France in the mid-1800s.

In the 1830s, tragacanth material, used in stage decorations and accessories in Paris theaters to make the characters on stage look more natural, was also used in the production of dolls. These dolls were lighter and less expensive than the porcelain and paper dolls produced earlier. For this reason, tragacanth dolls quickly became popular.

Making tragacanth dolls became widespread in Europe and America towards the end of the 19th century. Particularly at the turn of the 20th century, tragacanth doll making became a major industry in America, and thousands of people began making tragacanth dolls.

Tragacanth dolls remained popular until the mid-20th century. However, its popularity began to wane during this period as plastic dolls became more common and tragacanth doll making struggled to compete with cheap Chinese products. However, making tragacanth dolls is still considered a cherished craft by many.

Today, tragacanth doll making is still practiced in many countries. In addition, collecting tragacanth dolls remains a popular hobby. The history of tragacanth dolls is still remembered as a handicraft that is valued and missed by many today.

Traganth Baby Features

Traganth Baby

Tragacanth babies are known for many features that differ from other types of babies. These are the characteristics of tragacanth babies:

  • Tragacanth babies are quite light compared to other types of babies.
  • Tragacanth dolls have a big advantage in terms of portability and storage.
  • Tragacanth dolls have a realistic appearance.
  • Thanks to the careful creation of details such as face, eyes and hair during construction, dolls look very much like real dolls.
  • The use of tragacanth dolls as a decorative item is quite common.
  • Tragacanth dolls are handmade products. Each doll is handmade by the artist.
  • Every baby is different and offers a personal touch.
  • They are collectibles. Rare tragacanth dolls can be sold at high prices among collectors.
  • Tragacanth babies are inexpensive compared to other types of babies.
  • This feature is due to the affordable prices of the materials used in the construction of tragacanth material.

Characteristics such as lightness, realistic appearance, handmade, collectible value and low price of tragacanth dolls have increased the popularity of this doll type. Today, many people are engaged in making tragacanth dolls, keeping these characteristics in mind and making unique and special dolls.

Making Tragacanth Dolls

Traganth Baby

Making Tragacanth dolls is an art form that requires manual work. Here are the steps for making tragacanth dolls:

Material selection

Tragacanth material, molds, paints, brushes and other tools are needed to make tragacanth dolls. Tragacanth material is a kind of plastic material made of glass and solvents.

Mold preparation

Mold preparation is very important for making tragacanth pupae. The mold is used as a frame that determines the baby’s body shape and measurements. A mold material of the desired size is used to make the mold.

Preparation of the tragacanth material

Tragacanth material is mixed with solvents and dyes to make it ready for use. The consistency of the mixture should be brought to a suitable consistency to make the detailed parts of the doll.

Applying the material to the mold

Tragacanth material is applied to the mold. Detailed parts of the doll, such as the face, hands and feet, are sculpted with dexterity.

Drying process

Tragacanth doll is dried on the mold. The drying process is necessary for the tragacanth material to harden and take the shape of the baby.

To paint

Tragacanth doll is colored with dyes. The dyes help give the baby a realistic look.

Latest details

Finally, the doll’s hair, clothes, and other details are added. This stage makes the baby look realistic.

Making a tragacanth doll is a process that requires time and patience. But the result is a unique and special doll. Making Tragacanth dolls is a great option for those looking for a creative pursuit.

What is the history of tragacanth babies?

Tragacanth dolls date back to the 19th century. At that time, tragacanth material was used as a kind of plastic material made from glass and solvents. Tragacanth dolls became a popular art form in Europe and America.

Why are tragacanth dolls popular?

Tragacanth dolls are popular for their realistic appearance and handmade features. Many consider tragacanth dolls to be an elegant and unique work of art.

What materials are needed to make a tragacanth doll?

Tragacanth material, molds, paints, brushes and other tools are needed to make tragacanth dolls.

How long does it take to make a tragacanth doll?

Making Tragacanth dolls is a time consuming process as it requires manual labor. Completion can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

How do you care for tragacanth babies?

The care of tragacanth babies begins with their storage in a clean and dry place. They should be cleaned regularly to prevent them from getting dusty. They are also not recommended to be exposed to direct sunlight or kept in hot and humid environments.

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