Treacherous danger on the beach; tanning bed injuries

Specialist orthopedics and traumatology Dr. Can Hürel stated that the hands are the most used and most functional organs in daily life and business life, and that hand and wrist injuries are a common health problem. He stated that the hands, which play a major role in daily activities, are difficult to protect and are often injured.

With information that about 10-20 percent of emergency services requests are hand injuries, Dr. Hürel said: “Many of the cases that apply to the emergency services due to trauma also have hand injuries. These injuries can range from closed injuries where the skin is not damaged and ligaments and bones are affected, to open injuries where the integrity of the skin, bones, joints, tendons, muscles, vessels and nerves are disrupted, and even fractures. . Injuries in the form of needle sticks, bruises or injuries from firearms, and fractures are the most common reasons to apply to a healthcare facility.

According to dr. Hürel continued his words as follows: “The head height adjustment mechanism in some types of reclining chairs can cause the fingertip to be severed or even broken with a sudden impact, so to speak, like the ‘guillotine mechanism’, by our fingers squeeze uncontrollably. . These injuries, caused by trying to adjust the tanning bed by reaching with our hands behind our head or out of our field of vision, can have very dangerous consequences.

Providing information on providing first aid for tanning bed injuries, Dr. Hurel; “The first thing to do in such a situation is to try to remain calm. It is necessary to apply pure pressure to the severed limb and hold the limb up. Then he should place the broken piece in a clean plastic bag, place this bag in another bag of ice water and immediately go to the nearest health facility.

Hand injuries should be taken seriously; Noting that otherwise this could cause temporary or permanent job losses and psychological and cosmetic problems, Dr. Hürel said: “Because of its key role in the movement system, our hands have a complicated structure. In addition, because it is unprotected, it can be injured and damaged very quickly. Even if these injuries are minor, they can lead to a greater risk in the future. loss of feeling and function if not timely and informed intervention is not right to try to treat it at home, if the application is made without knowledge, irreversible problems may arise.

He stated that pain, bleeding, bruising, swelling, numbness and loss of sensation can occur as a result of the injury, and that symptoms such as fear, anxiety and panic, as well as the feeling of faintness and tremor, can spread outside the body. area of ​​injury and general response reactions in the body. Dr. Hürel said even the smallest incision can irreversibly damage these functions. He emphasized that an experienced and expert medical examination is essential to determine the extent of the damage.

“If there is bleeding, it can be stopped with tampons”

Citing the importance of first aid to be provided by knowledgeable people after the injury, Dr. Hürel passed on the following information: “First, if the injured person has an illness such as diabetes, blood pressure or heart, the situation can become more serious. If there is a lot of blood loss, the wound is assessed and first aid is given in 4 stages. The first aid method to be applied must also be appropriate for the type of injury. If bleeding is observed, pressure is applied to the tampon or wound. Clean material must be used during this time, otherwise the wound may become infected. The person whose wound is closed neatly and tightly is taken to the health facility without loss of time by holding up the limb. If there is a bite wound, the limb should be intensively washed with soapy water and wrapped in a clean manner. Rabies and tetanus vaccines should be given. They can be a source of serious infections that can lead to loss of limbs, including bite marks or even human bites. Intervention for these injuries should be performed by experienced medical teams. Finger cracks caused by the bite are also seen. These injuries must also be treated by highly experienced microsurgical teams. If the injury was caused by firearms, the wound should be buffered with clean cloths, and if there is a fracture, it can be stabilized by tying it with long objects around it. Naturally, the first thing to do is to contact the emergency center by telephone; Without panic, clear and prompt information should be given about the type of injury, the patient’s condition and the address.

Dr. Hürel advised to take stricter measures against work accidents to prevent hand and wrist injuries, to provide more information to employees and employers and to make regulations to prevent accidents.

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