Treatment of rheumatism in children should not be neglected

Rheumatologist Dr. Instructor Member Oğuz Gürler made statements about rheumatism in children. Dr. Instructor Prof. dr. Gürler said: “Rheumatic diseases that affect the musculoskeletal system in children also affect other body systems along with the ability to move in all children. Rheumatism in children can occur at any age. If not treated carefully and continuously, such diseases can lead to permanent and disabling joint changes.

Pay attention to uncontrollable fever and severe joint disease.

Speaking of common rheumatic diseases in children, Dr. Instructor Member Gürler said: “The most common childhood rheumatologic disease is juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). Systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis (SJIA), the most severe form of JIA, is seen on average in 15 in 100,000 children and presents with uncontrolled fever and severe joint disease. In this type of disease, all organs in the body can be affected and dysfunctional. The disease can also be accompanied by enlargement of the liver-spleen and fluid accumulation in the pericardium. It is uncontrolled inflammation that causes this condition in a sick child. This inflammation is caused by non-infectious causes. If not controlled in time, the disease can lead to death due to a condition called macrophage activation syndrome.

SJIA can be controlled

Saying it is possible to treat his illnesses, Dr. Instructor Lid Gürler shared the following information:

“SJIA is a disease that can be treated if the child is diagnosed in time and the patient is brought under control in a good pediatric rheumatology center. In the treatment of the disease, cortisone and drugs called long-acting drugs are mainly used. This group of drugs can control disease symptoms in 40 percent of patients. The remaining 60 percent of patients are taking drugs called biologics that effectively change the course of the disease over the past 10 years. Before the last 10 years, serious joint damage occurred in children without the use of these drugs, but today the formation of damage is completely prevented by the use of this group of drugs.

Biologic drugs may be preferred

Emphasizing that the biologics used in the treatment prevent the disease from causing lasting damage, Dr. Instructor Lid Gürler said: “All biologics used in current treatment around the world are also available in our country. It’s possible for patients to get to these drugs after they’ve passed certain stages of drug use and some approval processes.”

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