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Norbert Fiebig, president of the Association of German Travel Agencies (DRV), answered questions at the International Tourism Exchange (ITB) Fair in Berlin, Germany’s capital.

Fiebig stated that 3 years after the Covid-19 epidemic, face-to-face participation in the ITB Fair was assured again, saying this is important for the tourism industry.

Fiebig pointed out that they are generally very optimistic about tourism and said they felt it this year at ITB.

Fibig said:

“While the sector is recovering and the booking situation is currently very positive. Last year we already had a very good summer season, we almost reached the pre-Covid-19 epidemic level. And indeed it will continue to be so. We received strong bookings in December, January, February Our Turkish partners And the good thing for our friends is that Turkey is at the top.”

Fiebig explained that the Germans wanted to take a vacation after the “sad” period of the epidemic and had made reservations by reimagining old traditional destinations such as Turkey.


Emphasizing that high inflation and energy costs had some influence on German holiday decisions, “They are more price sensitive. We see that destinations with excellent value and quality do very well in booking. German customers also turn to that because it offers a certain budgetary security, such as all-inclusive offers,” said Fiebig. he said.

Fiebig stated that the entire tourism industry is focused on sustainability for the next 10 years and noted that they are working to reduce the carbon footprint in the travel chain.

Fiebig stated that the recovery in the tourism sector after Covid-19 is better in the eastern Mediterranean than in the west, saying: “Turkey, as one of the most popular destinations for German holidaymakers, is particularly in demand. Turkey is very good at all-inclusive products on holiday.” made his decision.

Fiebig, speaking about more German tourists coming to Turkey, said: “We are working for this. And I would like to emphasize again that Turkey is by far the most successful destination in Germany. That is why we travel from Germany to Turkey every day with our Turkish partners and friends. We are working to get more tourists.” used the sentences.

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