Turkey’s best photographers

Photography is a way of immortalizing the moment by capturing aesthetics and meaning. Photographers who have been successful in this field of art have managed to impress us with their fascinating and meaningful images. These photographers’ projects that inspire young people, the students they educate, and all they do for the art of photography have been a beacon of hope to the youth. In this article, we introduce Turkey’s most successful photographers and guide young people interested in photography.

What is Professional Photography?

Professional photography is a commercial field in which a product or service is photographed for sale purposes. These types of photos are usually taken for media, product marketing and advertising agencies. Professional photography is performed by teams with academic training and expertise in photography.

What equipment do professional photographers use?

Photographers from Turkey

  • Tripod
  • Protective filter
  • Light meter (exposure meter)
  • reflectors
  • Film and memory cards
  • hoodies
  • macro extension tube
  • Flash (automatic, fill flash)
  • Continuous lighting (transparent umbrella, video light)
  • Lens types (normal, wide angle, fisheye, narrow angle, mirrored telephoto, varifocal macro)
  • studio fund

How to become a successful photographer

Photographers from Turkey

In addition to the tools and equipment, the person himself plays a huge role in being a successful photographer. It is important for a photographer to have an artistic point of view, but that alone is not enough. Basic knowledge of design and aesthetics, technical photography knowledge, knowledge of the sector to be photographed are required. For example, a photographer can do well in landscape photography, but not in portrait photography.

Turkey’s best photographers

There are many important names contributing to Turkey’s art of photography. These are the prominent photographers:

1. Ara Guler

Photographers from Turkey

Ara Güler, one of Turkey’s most famous photographers, is known as the architect of photography. He is known for his mastery of light and his narrative style of photography. His photographs deftly convey the meaning and emotion they contain.

2. Fixed Calfagil

Photographers from Turkey

Sabit Kalfagil, one of Turkey’s top photographers, is known for his works about rural areas and Anatolian people. It stands out for its ability to capture natural and intimate moments. In his photos he succeeds in depicting people’s daily lives and emotions.

3. Sami Guner

Photographers from Turkey

Sami Güner is one of Turkey’s most successful nature and landscape photographers. It has the ability to impressively attract the beauty of nature and historical sites. His photos reflect the fascinating details and atmosphere of nature.

4. Onur Ercoskun

Photographers from Turkey

Onur Erçoşkun is a world-renowned and award-winning photographer. Erçoşkun, the second Turk to be invited to Magnum Agency, draws attention with his impressive and meaningful photographs. He has a superior ability to capture details in people’s lives and tell a powerful story.

5. Sinasi Barutcu

Photographers from Turkey

Şinasi Barutçu is an important name that started photography training in Turkey and spread it. He exhibits an experimental and creative approach in his photographs. He creates impressive compositions by combining artistic and documentary style.

6. Coskun Aral

Photographers from Turkey

Coşkun Aral is known as a war photographer, documentary maker and world traveler. He reflects the pain of war and human tragedy with his photographs. His bold and impressive photos make a deep impression on the viewer.

7. Izzet Keribar

Photographers from Turkey

İzzet Keribar is an artist passionately devoted to photography. He uses an aesthetic approach and strong composition in his photos. He is known for his photos from a different perspective, inspired by his experiences in South Korea.

8. Orhan Gurbuz

Photographers from Turkey

Orhan Gürbüz is one of Turkey’s leading photographers. He specializes in advertising shoots and has worked for many major brands. With his success in photography and professional training, he teaches courses at Foto Life Academy, one of the best photography courses in Istanbul, and contributes to the education of young photographers.

Who are the best photographers in Turkey?

Turkey’s best photographers include successful names such as Ara Güler, Sabit Kalfagil, Sami Güner, Onur Erçoşkun, Şinasi Barutçu, Coşkun Aral, İzzet Keribar, Orhan Gürbüz and Nihat Odabaşı.

What kind of photos is Ara Güler famous for?

Ara Güler is best known for documentary and street photography. He is known for his photographs that impressively capture the daily life of Istanbul, portraits of people and the atmosphere of the city.

Who is the best portrait photographer in Turkey?

İzzet Keribar is one of the best portrait photographers in Turkey. Keribar takes portraits with an aesthetic approach and creates impressive images that reflect people’s emotions and characters.

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