Turkish doctors recommend it the most: the food with the highest vitamin D!

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Assoc. Dr. According to the results of the study of 14,925 patients who presented to the physiotherapy clinic under the direction of Muharrem Çidem with widespread body pain, 11.29 of these patients were found to be vitamin D deficient; and the answer to the question of how to eliminate vitamin D deficiency has been explained.

According to a study conducted in Turkey, located in the Mediterranean climate, the incidence of vitamin D deficiency is 93 percent, with a higher incidence in women.

Assoc states that vitamin D deficiency is associated with muscle and joint pain and other diseases, even though it is not the main factor. Dr. “It is known that in studies of vitamin D deficiency it is associated with many diseases such as weakness, fatigue, tendency to depression, multiple sclerosis, blood pressure, heart and diabetes.”

Expressing that one of the main factors in the increase of vitamin D deficiency is the modern lifestyle, Assoc. Dr Çidem said: “In modern societies we now live in apartments rather than detached houses with gardens.

On weekends, we go to malls instead of open spaces. Therefore, we are not exposed to the sun. Sun exposure is essential for the synthesis of vitamin D. We don’t get enough vitamin D through food. We can’t do that in modern society,” he said.

Expressing that the sun is essential for the synthesis of vitamin D, Assoc. Dr Çidem said: “We cannot get enough vitamin D from food, but there are still foods rich in vitamin D. Foods such as fatty fish, egg yolk, beef liver and butter are also rich in vitamin D.

Stating that vitamin D is an important factor in osteoporosis, i.e. bone resorption in the elderly, Assoc. Dr. Çidem ended his speech as follows:

“I think anyone experiencing widespread body pain, weakness and fatigue should have their vitamin D measured regularly after a certain age, and I recommend this because hip fractures are a very big problem with the risk of falls. Therefore, the elderly population should be more careful in this regard:

Therefore, the elderly population should be more careful in this regard. In addition, everyone who works indoors is at risk. We arrive at the workplace in the morning and leave in the evening when the sun has set and a vitamin D deficiency is unavoidable.

The main source of vitamin D, which is known to have benefits for both mental health and muscle and joint health, is the sun.

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