TURKISH THORACICS Society drew attention to lung health at its 26th Congress

The Turkish Thoracic Society held its 26th conference under the motto ‘One Breath on the 100th Anniversary of the Republic’. 1100 participants and 300 speakers took part in the conference, which took place in a 5-star hotel in the Belek district of Antalya. During the conference, which took place in 134 separate sessions, scientific research produced in Turkey was discussed in 33 paper sessions. In the panel sessions at the conference, a total of 650 papers were discussed, where world data was shared. In the ‘Earthquake and Lung Health’ session, where Naci Görür was also a speaker for the conference, remarkable results of many important studies and issues were also shared. As part of the congress, research, studies and data related to public health were evaluated by experts.

‘After 30 years, we are facing the mesothelioma crisis’

Turkish Thoracic Society 2nd Vice President Prof. Nurdan Köktürk shared the details about the congress. Köktürk stated that the studies reviewed at the congress included scientific projects of interest to society and resulted in experimental studies. , the use of electronic cigarettes and air pollution from the climate problem. Prof. Dr. Nurdan Köktürk said: “We have been through Covid. Perhaps new pandemics are on the horizon. We have experienced an earthquake and in connection with this there are problems affecting the health of the lungs. We may be facing a mesothelioma crisis 30 years later. Because the public was exposed to too much asbestos.” said.


Köktürk stated that after 20-30 years, mesothelioma, the lung membrane of people exposed to the material called asbestos, slightly thickens and is covered with tumor formations. We don’t see this now, but it will be years before it happens. After a while we can start to see them. Therefore, maximum precautions should be taken when removing debris from earthquake zones. There are guidelines for asbestos pavements. These must be applied, the rubble must be covered during transport and re-dusting must be avoided. Measurements must be made in that area. We started small, but this is not something we can achieve with our efforts alone. Something that can happen with national policy. The ministry has to hand-pack it and sort it out. Because this is a very important topic. We want to emphasize that it is very important to act collectively and to set national policy.”


One of the founders of the Turkish Thoracic Association, Prof. Dr. Elif Dağlı, gave information about the violations at the cigarette outlets at the congress. Dağlı stated that in case of an increase in cigarette sales, consumption also increases and diseases increase accordingly, emphasizing that there should be very few, limited and controlled outlets for cigarettes. prof. Dr Elif Dağlı said: “Cigarettes should not be seen from the outside of the establishment, they should be displayed in one place and there should be a certificate prohibiting sale to persons under 18 years of age. Apart from this, illegal tobacco that is not licensed in Turkey cannot be sold. Since 2015, using a special method, we visit and report the same regions of the 4 districts where trade is intense in Istanbul. Between 2015 and 2022, we monitored violations in these companies. Finally, we saw that advertising violations at cigarette outlets have increased and reached a peak this year. We saw all signs prohibiting sales to persons under the age of 18 being removed and illegal products being placed on the shelves. Among them, we see illicit cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, puff bars and substances with a high nicotine surface on public display. Sales racks should be above children’s eye level. Children are not allowed to see cigarettes near sweets and chocolate when they enter, but this has been completely removed since 2020. Cigarettes are displayed at children’s eye level in 96 percent of companies. This is a violation of all laws. Cigarettes and tobacco products, electronic cigarettes are the products that cause the most damage to the lungs. It must be stopped very quickly,” he said.


Referring to disposable electronic cigarettes known as puff bars, Dr. Pınar Bostan, on the other hand, explained that its sale is prohibited, but youth and children’s access to puffbars is easy. Bostan said they searched the Internet for these products and researched the content of e-commerce sites: “We reached 65 e-commerce sites that sell Puffbar. Nearly 40 puffbar brands were launched. There were nearly 750 flavors and varieties. They are all puffbars with different colors and different flavors. It is actually very easy to buy. They offer campaigns that can make it attractive. It is emphasized that 65 percent of them are healthier. Only 4 of the 65 sites had an 18-year warning. You only need to indicate virtually that you are over 18 years old. Access is very easy. We demand that the sale and marketing of these products, which are the gateway to high nicotine addiction for youth and children, be strictly prohibited under our law and that these e-commerce sites be closed after inspection. It is possible to see these products in points of sale. It is colorfully presented with sweets and chocolates at children’s eye level. We demand that all of them are prevented from being sold and marketed in compliance with the ban and that strict controls are carried out.”

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