Types of bicycles | What should you pay attention to when buying a bicycle?

In this article we will discuss the different types in the cycling world. Each type has its own characteristics, areas of use and advantages. Here is all about bike types.

Types of bicycles

Cycling is one of people’s favorite means of transportation, it supports a healthy lifestyle and is environmentally friendly. Bicycle has many different types that can be used for different purposes. While some people cycle just for exercise, some people prefer to get around town quickly, and some people prefer cycling as an alternative to walking.

Road bikes are ideal for fast riding over long distances, mountain bikes are designed to navigate rough terrain. In addition, electric bicycles are also becoming increasingly popular, making it easier and faster for people to travel.

Deciding which bike is best for you takes some research into the cycling world. This article informs you about the characteristics of different types of bicycles and helps you choose a bicycle. When you’re ready, let’s enter the world of “Types of Bikes” and find out which bike is best for you.

1. Road bike

Road bikes are designed for riding long distances quickly. Designed for faster and more efficient riding on regular and straight roads, these bikes are thin and light. For this reason, road bikes are often used in races and marathon rides.

Most road bikes come equipped with a pair of wheels and a fork that comes with overhead control cables. On some models, frames made of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber or aluminum are preferred for an even lighter and more durable ride. Road bikes also often use thin high-pressure tires, which results in less friction and better handling.

2. City bike

Types of bicycles

City bikes are designed for use in city life. City bikes, which are generally durable and comfortable, are ideal for getting around in city traffic. City bikes often have luggage compartments that are suitable for transporting accessories such as backpacks or shopping bags.

City bikes have a high and upright position, which makes drivers more visible in traffic. These bikes are usually equipped with thicker tires and a wider saddle to allow riders to move more comfortably on rough road surfaces.

City bikes often have shock absorbers to ensure a comfortable ride during frequent use. City bikes are also often made of sustainable materials such as steel or aluminum. As a result, city bikes have a solid construction that can last for many years.

3. Mountain bike

Types of bicycles

Mountain bikes, which are designed with shock-absorbing properties and good braking systems, are designed for terrain conditions such as dirt roads, mud and stones. Mountain bikes are equipped with low gears to resist potholes

With a suspension fork and a stiff, stiff frame, the mountain bike is cheaper and lighter in weight than a full suspension mountain bike. If you want to use your bike on rough mountain roads as well as flatter roads, the hardtail mountain bike is a better choice.

4. Electric bicycle

Types of bicycles

Electric bicycles move using the power of the electric motor in combination with the force of the pedals. This way you can cover more distance or climb steeper slopes. Electric bicycles are ideal for covering particularly long distances or over rough terrain.

The motor of electric bicycles is usually mounted in the middle of the bicycle or on the rear wheel. This way, when the rider pedals, the motor kicks in and helps move the bike. Electric bicycles can have different speed levels and the motor power can be increased or decreased depending on the rider’s wishes.

Electric bikes offer a faster and less tiring ride because they move with engine power in addition to pedal power. In addition, electric bicycles are environmentally friendly and save fuel costs for the rider.

5. Road bike

Types of bicycles

Road bikes are lighter and more performance oriented than other types of bikes and are suitable for sport riding, commuting, event riding, touring and road racing whether you are a beginner or not. Road bikes are basically divided into two according to the type of handlebars (bicycle steering).

Curved handlebars They are light and aerodynamic. This type of handlebar is the best choice if you want to accelerate or transfer your energy better to the pedal while cycling. Straight handlebars provide a more upright and comfortable riding position, allowing you to better see the road and potential hazards.

6. Touring bike

Types of bicycles

The long-distance touring bike is designed for long-distance and cycling trips with sufficient resistance, comfort and carrying capacity. Touring bikes have comfortable saddles and handlebars that are suitable for long distances. In addition, it has features designed to provide ride comfort with its long-wheelbase structure and avoid conflicts between pedals and luggage.

7. Children’s bicycle

Types of bicycles

Children’s bicycles are ideal for children to learn how to ride and have fun. There are children’s bicycles in different sizes and designs for different age groups. “First bikes” are available for young children that help them learn skills such as pedaling, balancing and braking.

Safety is the most important factor in children’s bicycles. That is why children’s bicycles come with important safety features such as a reliable braking system, wide tires that increase stability and lighting systems. In addition, children’s bicycles have a hard and durable construction to prevent them from being damaged if they fall to the ground.

Children’s bicycles are available in different colors and designs, so that children can choose a bicycle that suits their taste and style. Some models may even include cute patterns and cartoon characters.

Things to consider when buying a bike

Types of bicycles

Buying a bicycle can be both a fun and exciting process. However, choosing the right bike requires some research and careful thought. Here are some important factors to consider when buying a bike:


Determining what you will use your bike for is important for making the right choice. You can use your bicycle for various purposes, such as sports, walking in the city or in nature, going to work or school. There are bicycle models with different functions for every purpose.


Choosing the right size bicycle is important for a comfortable and safe ride. The bike size is determined by your body type, leg length and arm length. You can choose the right size bike using size charts in bike shops or online.


Bicycle frames are usually made of aluminum, carbon fiber or steel. Each material has different advantages and disadvantages. For example, carbon fiber frames are light and durable, but more expensive. Steel frames, on the other hand, are cheaper and more durable, but heavier.


The components of the bicycle are important for performance and comfort. Main parts such as gear system, brakes and wheels must be of high quality. Quality parts ensure a more durable and safer bike ride.


Bike prices vary depending on model, quality of materials and other features. It may be necessary to allocate a high budget to buy a quality bike. However, affordable models are also available. The most important thing is to choose a bike that fits your budget and opt for quality parts.

Which type of bicycle is best for me?

The choice of bike can vary depending on your purposes, riding style, budget and preferences. You can choose from different types such as racing bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes and children’s bikes. To decide which bike is best for you, consider your intended use and needs and try a few different models.

Which type of bicycle is the fastest?

Road bikes are generally considered the fastest type of bike because of their thin and light design that provides a fast and efficient ride. However, riding speed may vary depending on riding conditions, road surface, wind conditions and rider condition.

Which type of bicycle is the most comfortable?

City bikes are designed for a comfortable riding experience. They are equipped with a wider and softer seat, an upright sitting position and wide tires. These features provide a more comfortable ride. In addition, electric bicycles are designed to be comfortable to ride.

Which type of bicycle is the most sustainable?

Mountain bikes have a durable construction and components that can take a beating. Mountain bikes, which do not have a light and thin frame like road bikes, are generally designed for use in bumps, potholes and other difficult terrain conditions.

How long can electric bicycles last?

The range of electric bicycles can vary depending on the conditions of use and the capacity of the batteries. On average, they can travel between 50 and 100 kilometers on one full charge. However, this distance may vary depending on riding speed, rider weight and gradients.

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