UFO Detail in John F. Kennedy Assassination Documents: Revealed by CIA Agent

Documents on the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy, recently declassified in the United States, shed light on a surprising phenomenon: A 1955 US Air Force telegram revealed testimonies of three American observers who reported witnessing “flying saucers” over the Soviet Union. Accordingly, a U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) official reported in the documents that military personnel saw “two circular planes resembling flying saucers take off vertically.” This event fueled the UFO fire that engulfed the United States.

Comprising more than 1,100 recently decommissioned files on the assassination of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy, the documents appeared to include excerpts from a telegram describing an extraordinary sighting of “unconventional aircraft resembling flying discs or flying saucers” witnessed by U.S. officials during a trip to the Soviet Union.
Witnesses said the plane took off almost vertically and exhibited unusual spinning motions as it spread sparks around it.
The inclusion of “flying saucers” in Kennedy’s assassination documents came to light at a time that coincided with recent sessions of the Congress on Unidentified Abnormal Phenomena (UAP) and the testimony of several witnesses who claimed first-hand knowledge of UFO encounters.
According to newly redacted documents, Rueben Efron, a former CIA agent whose name had previously been withheld from all other documents, was one of those involved in the surveillance. Efron traveled between Atjaty and Adzhijabu in the Soviet Union on October 5, 1955 with Senator Richard Russell (D-GA) and Lieutenant Colonel EU Hathaway.
While the purpose of Efron’s visits remains unclear, the mysterious flying saucer has added a mysterious dimension to his travels.
The official document emphasized that the sighting was made by “three reliable American observers” and that the observers witnessed the flying saucer slowly rising to about 2,000 kilometers before accelerating in a northerly direction. Witnesses also reported seeing two floodlights nearby.
Interestingly, the train’s Soviet personnel, including Efron and two other officials, visibly agitated, closed the train’s curtains and, after observation, did not allow the passengers to look out the windows. American observers firmly believed that the unusual aircraft they saw were flying saucers or disc planes.
After the game, three American observers went to Prague to meet with US Air Attaché Lieutenant Colonel Thomas S. Ryan at the embassy. News of the incident eventually reached the United States, but Senator Russell refrained from going public with the matter at the time.
Russell’s participation in the Warren Commission, later tasked with investigating President Kennedy’s assassination, added an intriguing layer to the connection between the UFO sighting and the events surrounding JFK’s death.
On the other hand, recent UFO revelations and Congress’ focus on unidentified anomalous phenomena have drawn more attention to the name of CIA agent Rueben Efron, who allegedly oversaw the mailings of Lee Harvey Oswald, the man behind the JFK assassination. Efron’s presence in the declassified documents indicated that Oswald had been on the radar of the US government for some time.
Meanwhile, Congressional hearings continue as the United States grapples with the mysteries of UFO sightings and the government’s possible knowledge of such phenomena. The debate over UFOs and their possible extraterrestrial origins has reached new heights, with credible witnesses such as Air Force and intelligence veteran David Grusch stepping forward to share their claims of an illegal UFO rescue program.
Images of unidentified objects captured on military cameras across the United States prompted authorities to take action. The United States Department of Defense (Pentagon) announced the creation of a UFO unit in 2021. Called Airborne for short, the project detects flying objects. Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks said Airborne “identifies, identifies and characterizes” objects.
The US Directorate of National Intelligence released its report last year on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), also known as UFOs. The report examined weather conditions observed between 2004 and 2021. The report, which recorded 144 sightings from sources affiliated with the US government, noted that 80 of them were monitored through multiple sensors.

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