UFO statement came from the Russian authorities: flights were canceled

Russia St. It was alleged that unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were seen 100 miles from the city of St. Petersburg and fighter jets took off. Pulkovo International Airport, which was closed due to the UFO, reopened for flights in the evening.

Russia closed its airspace after a UFO was seen over St Petersburg. According to local media reports, Russian military jets began searching for the “invader” over Pulkovo Airport.
Flightradar’s aircraft tracking system has not detected any civilian aircraft over Saint Petersburg. The airport, located about 100 miles outside the city, canceled all inbound and outbound flights early this morning.
According to the news of the Russian news agency TASS, restrictions on flights have been lifted at Pulkovo International Airport, which was closed in the morning. st. At Pulkovo International Airport in St. Petersburg, the planes’ takeoffs and landings were halted and it was explained that this was caused by an “uncertain object flying in the area”.
An expert named Manu Gómez wrote on Twitter that there were “many reports” of an “unidentified object” at the airport. Gómez announced that at least five Russian military aircraft, two of them Su-35 and MiG-31, were in the air to intercept the UFO.
On the other hand, it was claimed that the UFO was seen in the direction of the Gulf of Finland. While several unconfirmed reports indicated the object was an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), a journalist said similar images were also seen in the North Caucasus and Belogrod.
Russian broadcaster Baza said aviation authorities have implemented the “Carpet” plan, requiring all aircraft except military or rescue aircraft to land. This plan is usually triggered when unidentified objects are seen in Russian airspace. This call is also used when something crosses the “state border of the Russian Federation”.
On the other hand, the incident took place in the midst of false alarms jamming TV and radio stations warning of a missile attack. This is the second time multiple regions in Russia have been subjected to such false alerts in the past 6 days.
In the past week, millions of people in Russia have been warned to rush to nuclear bunkers. As the sirens sounded, the audience and the public heard a warning: “Attention, attention! Everyone immediately to the shelters! Threat of missile attack, everyone to the shelter immediately!”
The Russian Ministry of Defense said in a statement on the subject: “Attention!! Due to an attack on the servers of radio stations and TV stations in different parts of the country. An air raid siren has been issued. The Russian Ministry of Defense reports that this information is fake!” it was said.
On the other hand, global scrutiny of spy balloons flying over other countries for espionage purposes has increased recently. The US Air Force alleged that China was flying spies over US airspace.
The balloon was shot down on Feb. 4 by an F-22 fighter jet firing the AIM-9X Sidewinder missile.

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