Uncontrolled fluid consumption is just as harmful as fluid loss.

Cardiovascular surgery specialist Prof. Dr. Cengiz Köksal stated that hot weather puts a lot of strain on the heart and the heart beats faster to maintain body temperature, forcing it to work harder. Köksal said: “An excessively high heart rate can cause increased shortness of breath in mitral valve patients and patients who have undergone mitral valve surgery. For this reason, it may be necessary to pay attention to the body’s water balance and, if necessary, consult a doctor and add to stabilize the elevated heart rate.

Köksal stated that diuretics can be applied to prevent excessive water accumulation in the body in mitral valve patients, Köksal said: “In extreme heat, our body loses more water through sweating. For this reason, if the blood pressure of mitral valve patients is low, diuretics can be discontinued or the dose can be reduced by consulting the doctor.Mitral valve patients should stay away from salt and foods containing salt (soft drinks, fizzy drinks, pickles, etc.), however, in the summer months, patients may need to consume some salt in case of cramps in the legs, as salt is removed from the body with the water along with sweating For patients with mitral valve, weekly weight monitoring is the most practical way to monitor body water balance in hot summer weather If the patient gains 2-3 kg in a week has gained weight, the consumption of water and salt should be limited.On the contrary, if patients have low blood pressure and weight loss, which can happen on hot summer days. If necessary, diuretics can be discontinued and it is recommended to consume more water.

Underlining that unconscious and excessive exercise will cause additional water loss, especially in high summer temperatures, Köksal said: “The loss of water by the body due to both excessive heat and unconscious exercise causes heart valve patients to have problems. In addition, the biggest mistake patients who suffer from fluid loss make is trying to compensate for this loss by drinking a lot of water. Uncontrolled water consumption after uncontrolled fluid loss can sometimes cause an excessive fluid load in the body, and this fluid can often accumulate in the lungs, leading to a dangerous picture of shortness of breath, which we call pulmonary edema. The patient should watch for uncontrolled water loss and drink water to protect his body from this situation; It is extremely important to consult your doctor for dose control of your medications. In addition, excessive fluid loss in the body can cause the blood to clot, which can impede the functioning of the mechanical valve or cause occlusion of the stents in the heart vessels. Therefore, blood thinners must be taken regularly and the lost fluid must be replaced in a controlled manner. The liquid we recommend is only water to consume.

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