Uncooked meat spreads disease

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Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinic Physician Prof. dr. Dr. Dilek Yavuz stated that diseases seen in animals and called zoonosis can be transmitted to humans from poorly cooked, raw meat or from places where meat is cut: “Therefore, hydatide cysts, toxoplasma, brucellosis, tapeworm, anthrax and even tuberculosis can be transmitted to humans from meat.” said.


Yavuz stated that there is a significant increase in meat consumption and sugary foods during Eid al-Adha. Noting that serious health problems can be seen after the differentiation in the diet, Yavuz said: “On Eid al-Adha, sheep and beef are consumed. Red meat is an important and valuable nutrient with a high protein, fat and mineral content.” it is rich in minerals and vitamins such as iron, zinc B12.” Meat is a high-calorie food. 100 grams of red meat provides about 250-300 calories of energy. If consumed in large amounts, weight gain is inevitable.”


Emphasizing that consuming more than 100-200 grams of meat according to its own weight in one meal will disrupt the nutritional balance, Yavuz continued: “A balanced diet can be achieved by consuming vegetables and appropriate amounts of carbohydrates in addition to meat. Even when meat is eaten in small quantities, it has the characteristic of rapid satiety and long-lasting satiety. For this reason, it should not be consumed with frequent meals on the pretext that it is a feast without getting hungry. In addition, the amount and frequency of meat consumption should increase during the feast and a wide variety of dishes are prepared with different cooking methods Meat is a difficult food to digest and remains in the stomach for a long time Therefore cooking methods It is important The most economical method in cooking meat is boiling and grilling.The most commonly prepared and served food in Eid al-Adha is roasting meat. Roasting is prepared using a cooking method based on browning the meat over low heat and cooking it in its own juice. When preparing roasts, lean meat is preferable.”


Prof. Dr. Emphasizing that they recommend not adding extra fat such as butter, tail and lard to the feasts, Yavuz said that the meat should be cooked with the fat in it. Yavuz said: “Cooking meat without burning it is also important in terms of cancer risk. In meat cooked or baked at very high temperatures due to charring, the formation of carcinogens increases, nutrients and minerals are lost. Meat should not be allowed.” at high temperatures are cooked very close to the fire. It should be at a level that the meat does not burn or darken.” he said. Noting that in addition to not burning the meat, it is important to cook it properly, Yavuz continued his speech as follows: “Diseases seen in animals, called zoonosis, can be transmitted to humans from places where poorly cooked, raw meat or meat is cut For this reason, hydatid cysts toxoplasma brucella tapeworms anthrax and even anthrax Tuberculosis can be transmitted from meat to humans Please note that the meat should be cut and separated with gloves and the surface on which the meat that is cut should be washed thoroughly with soapy water. Touching meat with bare hands, without gloves, is very risky in terms of infectious diseases, especially for pregnant women.”


Prof. Dilek Yavuz pointed out that people with diabetes, blood pressure and heart failure should not forget about their illness because of the holidays: “One or two days of unlimited eating can lead to health problems that are difficult to recover in the period after the holiday.” said. Advise people with health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and high blood pressure to consume lean meat, paying attention to this topic during the feast, because of the higher saturated fat content of fatty meat, said: “People with these health problems prefer lean meat or low-fat meat. They should not eat it alone, but also in limited quantities, cooked or grilled. They should avoid roasting meat. Increased meat consumption can increase the uric acid level in the blood, especially in liver and diabetes patients. , especially in the big toe, is manifested by severe pain and swelling, gout In summary, no more than 100-200 grams of meat per meal should be consumed by not increasing the number of meals during the feast be prepared by cooking or grilling with lean meat. In addition, plenty of vegetables and appropriate amounts of bulgur, whole-wheat pasta, bread made from whole-wheat flour should be provided. eid, such as carbohydrates It is beneficial to consume feed containing horses.”


Yavuz stated that products such as ayran and tzatziki should be preferred to carbonated drinks during this period, and suggested that guests who steer clear of sugar and sweets should have dried or peeled fresh fruit instead of dessert. Yavuz recommends drinking 6-7 glasses of water a day and not adding sugar to the tea, adding that people with known chronic illness should spend the holidays without disrupting their diet and taking their medications without interruption. to take.

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