Unknown functions of iPhone headphones

Unknown aspects of iPhone headphones

Smartphones have many features waiting to be discovered, from their content to their accessories. iPhone headphones are one of them. Apple has been offering specially designed earbuds for iPhone models for years. Some features of these headphones are unknown to users. These are the unknown features of iPhone headphones:

Skip tracks by double clicking: With a quick double-click of the button on the Apple-designed earphones, you can switch from the current song to the next song.

To call a voice assistant: Apple’s headphones offer a great feature to summon your voice assistant. Again, if you click the same button three times quickly, Siri will automatically open and wait for your commands.

Answer the call by unplugging the earpiece: With Apple’s wireless earbuds like AirPods, they offer a special feature to automatically answer or end a call when you take the earbuds out of your ears.

Don’t lose your headphones: If you lose one of your earphones, the “Find My” feature of your iOS device provides a great feature for locating the earphones.

To adjust the sound quality: The sound quality of the headphones can be adjusted in the Settings menu of your iOS device. Thus, you can customize your music listening experience and get better sound quality.

Volume reminders: Your iOS device may warn you to listen at high volume, depending on the characteristics of your headphones. This feature is great for those who care about the health of your ears.

Features of Artificial Intelligence: Some headphones, such as AirPods, offer artificial intelligence functions using Apple’s own chips. For example, AirPods can turn off automatically when you stop playing music.

Activate Siri: You can activate Siri by double-tapping the microphone on your iPhone headphones. This way you can perform any action you do on your iPhone by simply touching the microphone of your headphones.

Make a phone call: With the microphone of the headset you can make calls quickly. Just press the button in the middle of the headset to open your phone’s call screen and make a call.

Change number: You can quickly change music with the earbud buttons. Press three times quickly to go back to the previous song or press twice quickly to go to the next song.

To adjust the volume: You can easily adjust the volume with the left and right buttons on your headphones. With the left button you can decrease the volume and with the right button you can increase it.

Video call: Making video calls with iPhone headphones offers a more comfortable experience than video calls while holding your phone. You can have a clearer video call experience by connecting your headset microphone and your headset.

Use while charging the phone: You can also use your iPhone headphones while your phone is charging. By plugging your headphone jack into your iPhone’s charger, you can continue to listen to music while charging your phone.

iPhone headphones offer many features to customize your music listening experience. Thanks to these features, you can make your music listening experience even more enjoyable.

Why do iPhone earphones look different?

Apple produces many different models of headphones, and each may have a different design. Also, some headsets may differ in headset button functionality and other features.

Are iPhone headphones water resistant?

Most iPhone earphones are not water resistant. Some special models, for example AirPods Pro, come with IPX4 water resistance and can withstand light splashes.

How can I clean my iPhone headphones?

You can use mild soapy water or an alcohol-based cleaner to clean your iPhone headphones. Wipe the earbuds and earphone cable with a damp cloth. In addition, regularly changing the earplugs improves the quality of the earphones and keeps them hygienic.

Do iPhone Headphones Have Volume Boost?

Yes, iPhone headphones can have volume boost. For example, the AirPods Pro’s “Transparency Mode” feature is used to detect ambient sounds, allowing music to be played at a higher volume alongside outside sounds.

Can iPhone headphones be charged wirelessly?

Some iPhone earphones can be charged wirelessly. For example, AirPods come with a charging case with wireless charging, so they can be charged.

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