Untreated varicocele can cause infertility

Mention that varicocele can cause infertility, Op. Dr. Mehmet Taşkıran said, “Due to varicocele, dirty blood returns to the testis with reverse flow, and the testicles are fed with a kind of dirty blood. As a result, varicocele can cause infertility with decrease in sperm count, movement disorder, loss of function and ultimately decrease in fertilization potential.” “Analysis and surgery are recommended if there is a real problem. Surgery should not be performed only for pain. Today, the most ideal method of surgery is microsurgical varicocelectomy. This method, which requires expertise and experience, has had great success.”

‘The varicocele that causes infertility must be operated on’

Dr. Taşkıran, “The treatment of the problem of “Varicocele”, which may or may have been the cause of infertility, is only possible through surgery. Compared with classical techniques, “Microsurgical (Microscopic) Varicocele” operations have a greater chance of success and much lower complication rate.Therefore, today the varicocele problem can be treated surgically.If it needs to be corrected, it is recommended to do it through microsurgery.

“The most ideal method for varicocele is microsurgical varicocelectomy”

Underlining that it is very important to perform microsurgical varicocele operations in experienced hands, Op. Dr. Mehmet Taşkıran, “Microsurgical varicocele operations are performed with advanced operating microscopes. An incision of about 2-3 cm is made from the groin. The stem of the testis, called the spermatic cord, is reached. And the venous vessels that supply it dirt trapping blood in the umbilical cord are tied off one by one.During this procedure, the artery is named.The artery we give, the sperm duct, we call the ductus deferens, and the lymphatic vessels are recognized under the microscope, and these structures are not touched.In In general, the main goal of all varicocele surgeries is All branches of the seminal vein (vein) must be separated and canceled one by one. While this is being done, the seminal artery (arterial vessel), sperm duct (ductus deferens) and lymphatic structures must be be protected as much as possible.Doing this in the best way naturally increases the chances of a spontaneous (natural) pregnancy, which will be the real success of the operation. In addition, the risk of complications that may arise after surgery increases. be minimized.From this point of view, we can say that the microsurgical method is the closest to the ideal. Microsurgical method requires much more experience than classical surgery and is much finer work. For this reason, it would be appropriate for conscious patients to request this surgical method, especially for their own health, for its benefits.

Kiss. Dr. Mehmet Taşkıran summed up the advantages of Microsurgery Varicocele operations compared to classical varicocele operations as follows: With the microsurgical technique, the chances of a natural pregnancy are higher. With microsurgical technique, the chance of recurrence of the varicocele problem or inadequate surgery is much less. The possibility of damaging the artery called seminal artery is very low in microsurgical technique. Therefore, the possibility of shrinkage or organ loss, called testicular atrophy, is much less. Lymph vessels are much less damaged in microsurgical technique. Therefore, the chance of water collection around the testis, called hydrocele, is much, much less.

“Vicocele surgery is an effective treatment for men with infertility problems”

Special Hatem Hospital Urology Specialist Op. Dr. Mehmet Taşkıran said: “During this period, it is helpful to have a spermiogram done in a reliable center and laboratory. If sperm counts begin to improve, it may be advisable to wait and check sperm parameters intermittently. Studies have shown that after microsurgical surgery, significant improvement in semen parameters in 80 percent of patients in the first year and spontaneous (natural) pregnancy outcomes can be obtained at a rate of 40 percent in the first year and 60 percent in the first year. second year. If sperm counts have not improved to the desired level, assisted reproduction techniques such as in vitro fertilization can always be started by talking to the couple. This is very important information. Success rates are also higher with in vitro fertilization procedures performed after varicocele surgery. This is related to the fact that varicocele surgery reduces sperm DNA damage. In any case, varicocele surgery is an effective treatment method with scientifically proven benefits for men who have infertility problems due to almost all conditions.

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