Ventoso V5 Silex5000 Review: Features and Reviews

Hair dryer has a very important place in our daily life. For hairdressers, this device is one of the most important tools of their work. Ventoso V5 Silex5000 is a very ambitious product in this area. The design engine developed with Italian technology produces less noise by retaining part of the sound produced. Let’s take a look at all the details about this hair dryer, which can be used with confidence by professionals who need to use a hair dryer for hours.

Ventoso V5 Silex5000 Features

power 2500W
Speed ​​adjustment 2
Heat setting 4
Weight 550g

Ventoso V5 Silex5000 Hair Dryer

The Ventoso V5 Silex5000 is designed to fit easily anywhere whether professional or home use. The product, which offers ease of use, adapts to your personal preferences with its speed and temperature settings, making hair care practical.

Here are all the details about the Ventoso V5 Silex5000 hair dryer:

Ventoso V5 Silex5000 Technical specifications

  • 2500 Watt motor power
  • 550 gram weight
  • 2 speeds
  • 4-stage temperature setting
  • 9mm wide hood
  • 6mm narrow head
  • 81 m3/hr airflow function
  • 63 dB noise level

Ventoso V5 Silex5000 Temperature and speed control

Heat setting 4
Speed ​​adjustment 2
power 2500W

Ventoso V5 Silex5000 offers 4 temperature and 2 speed settings where you can achieve the desired power level by using the speed and heat settings according to the thickness of the hair. This way you can easily determine the right temperature setting for different hair types. In addition, thanks to the instant cooling button, it is possible to cool your hair and achieve a more permanent styling.

Ventoso V5 Silex5000 Design

Ventoso V5 Silex5000

Ventoso V5 Silex5000 offers a stylish and modern look with its glossy black color. The product, which offers comfort even during prolonged use thanks to its ergonomic grip, gives off less heat to the body thanks to the double-layer insulation. This allows the user to use the device for a long time without tiring his hand. In addition, the special non-slip tab is made so that you can hold the machine more comfortably.

Ventoso V5 Silex5000 heads

Wide head 9mm
Narrow head 6mm

Ventoso V5 Silex5000 is produced with 2 wide (9 mm) and narrow (6 mm) hair dryer heads that offer different styling options. Thanks to their high temperature resistance, these caps also offer the possibility of long-term use. With the help of these heads, you can shape your hair more easily and in accordance with your style.

Ventoso V5 Silex5000 Performance

Ventoso V5 Silex5000

Ventoso V5 Silex5000 offers superior power with its 2500 Watt power and fast professional AC motor. The product, which can dry your hair in a short time with an airflow of 81 m3/hr and a pressure of 27.26 pascals, works 3 times more effectively than its competitors with the support of top quality nickel-chrome resistance. This way it ensures better styling and faster drying.

Ventoso V5 Silex5000 Benefits

Ventoso V5 Silex5000 facilitates the hair drying process of its users with the many benefits it offers. First of all, it dries the hair quickly and effectively thanks to its 2500 Watt power and turbo power. In addition, thanks to its 4 temperature and 2 speed settings, it offers a suitable option for every hair type. In addition, thanks to its special funnel design and double-layer insulation, it operates silently and reduces heat, resulting in less heat transfer to the user’s hand. In addition, 2 high-temperature nozzles, wide (9mm) and narrow (6mm), which offer different styling options, allow users to style hair according to different hair types. Ventoso V5 Silex5000 offers users hygienic use thanks to the removable and cleanable filter.

Ventoso V5 Silex5000 is a very light hair dryer with a weight of 550 grams and an ergonomic design. In addition, it is easy to use and does not feel heavy on users’ hands even after drying hair for hours. Thanks to these features, it can be easily carried by hairdressers and home users and can be easily placed anywhere.

Ventoso V5 Silex5000

Disadvantages of Ventoso V5 Silex5000

When we talk about the cons of Ventoso V5 Silex5000, it can be said that it can be high for people with sensitive hair types. For some users, the 3-meter cable may not be enough either. However, some users prefer lighter hair dryers from different makes and models.

Ventoso V5 Silex5000 User Reviews

Ventoso V5 Silex5000

Here are the positive and negative comments from Ventoso V5 Silex5000 users:

💬 I knew from my hairdresser that it is a product that has already proven itself. I immediately tried it and witnessed its great performance. Buy it without thinking, I say. As written in a comment, it is clear that it is hereditary.

💬 The grip and use of the product is very comfortable and shows its quality. My hairdresser is already using it and he suggested it. I studied the reviews in detail and decided to buy it. I can’t find words to describe your strength. I was able to blow-dry and dry it in a short time.

💬 For the first time I will use a machine that is said to be professional. I had reservations before buying it and I did a modest search on the internet. When I received the machine I thought I made the right choice in terms of my own expectations. I think it is better to choose this kind of professional machine instead of buying normal household type.

💬 When the machine is handled, it gives a feeling of quality and robustness from the first moment due to its weight and touch. This feeling persists even while running.

💬 It is a very light product when I use it to try the product. I love this feature, it makes very little noise outside, it really deserves to be in the pro class in terms of power.

💬 I am very happy with the product, I recommend it to those who are looking for a hair dryer.

💬 I wanted to use a Ventoso hair dryer and write my comments like this. In terms of design, the feeling of holding is nice and comfortable, but the product was a bit heavy for me. Level 2 is warm and level 3 is quite hot. I was satisfied with the airflow rate at a level that would shape hair without a comb. Also, it does not electrify the hair.

💬 I bought this brand because my hairdresser uses it and it makes my hair soft and shiny like silk without blow drying it. I am satisfied, I recommend.

💬 The temperature seems a bit low and I regret there is no vigo suitable for the tip as the power buttons are right where my hand can grab, I didn’t like that feature.

💬 I read the comments on the internet, there were comments that this hair dryer was quiet, so I bought it based on these comments, but the noise is not low at all, I think it makes more noise.

Scoring and rating

Ventoso V5 Silex5000 proves to be an ideal option for hairdressers and home users thanks to its special funnel design, high power, double-layer insulation and silent operation. In addition, it offers 4 temperature and 2 speed settings for different hair types; The wide and narrow head, which offers different shape options, offers users more flexibility. Ventoso V5 Silex5000 offers users a safe and comfortable use with its user-friendly design, removable and cleanable filter and safety thermostat. Our score for this versatile hair dryer is a 7 out of 10.

In this part of our content, we will answer frequently asked questions about the Ventoso V5 Silex5000 hair dryer.

How much power does the Ventoso V5 Silex5000 have?

Ventoso V5 Silex5000 is equipped with a 2500 watt professional high speed AC motor. This ensures three times more effective styling and faster drying compared to standard devices.

For which hair types is Ventoso V5 Silex5000 suitable?

Ventoso V5 Silex5000 can be adjusted with speed and heat settings depending on the thickness of the hair and the desired result. Therefore, it is a suitable choice for all hair types.

What is the weight of the Ventoso V5 Silex5000?

The Ventoso V5 Silex5000 weighs only 550 grams. This allows users to use it easily and hold it in their hands for a long time.

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