Versele Laga Bird Food & Food Varieties Review

Hello dear bird owners! Today we will talk about the Versele Laga brand, which offers all-natural products for your birds, which are the joy of your home. The Belgian brand Versele Laga is one of the most prestigious bird feeders in the world. This brand, which tailors the nutritional values ​​for your little friend in a measured way and offers packages for his needs, always makes a name for himself with his fresh products.

Let’s take a closer look at the types of feed, comments and product features of the Versele Laga brand, which used to prepare feed with a high nutritional and vitamin value by combining special seeds that I once used for my own birds.

Bird food varieties from Versele Laga

Order Ace Weight Featured
An Versele Laga Love bird food 1/22kg Feather health
2 Versele Laga Canary Bird Food 1/22kg resistance support
3 Versele Laga Parrot Food 1/15kg Intelligence boost
4 Versele Laga Colombine Success Corn IC+ 3kg Increases stamina
5 Versele Laga Parquet Bird Food 1/22kg Energetic
6 Versele Laga Finch Food Tropical bird food 20kg Preserve feather color
7 Versele Laga Canary Bird Food Without Turnip 1/20kg Support of the digestive system
8 Versele Laga Prestige Loro Parque Africa 2.5/15 kg Vitamin supplement
9 Versele Laga Prestige Loro Parque Search 2kg resistance support
10 Versele Laga Prestige Loro Parque 1 kg Feather Health

Versele Laga Bird Food Varieties Review

The Versele Laga brand, which you can choose if you are looking for food with a high vitamin and mineral value for your birds, collects the seeds for the birds’ needs in one package. This brand, which offers special packaging for particularly fussy birds that do not eat stale food, will be eaten by your dear friend because it retains its freshness for a long time thanks to its zip closure system. Versele Laga, which I once preferred among my own parakeets, also has a positive impact on the immunity and intelligence of our birds due to its high vitamin content.

This brand, which produces food for almost all kinds of birds, is loved by our dear friends because it offers freshness and taste together. So, what are the Versele Laga Bird Foods loved by our little friends? Let’s take a look together!

Here are Bird Food from Versele Laga:

1. Versele Laga Bird food for parakeets

Versele Laga Budgie food contains 100% natural grains and seeds. Containing all the vitamins and minerals your budgerigar needs, this food helps to make your bird’s feathers brighter and healthier. This food, which has a high nutritional value for your budgerigar, has a positive influence on the intelligence and quality of life of your cute friend.

In addition, Versele Laga Parakeet food, which thanks to the zip-lock packaging retains its freshness as on the first day, contains 52% yellow millet, 16% red millet, 12% white millet, 9% peeled oats, 5% canary seed, 3% linseed, 2 .5% safflower and 0.5% Niger.

2. Versele Laga Canary Food

Versele Laga

Versele Laga Canary Bird Food, which provides for your canary’s daily need of vitamins and minerals, will be enjoyed by even your picky friend thanks to its zip-lock packaging. This canary food, with all-natural ingredients, helps your bird to be more energetic and happy. Versele Laga Canary Bird Food, which distinguishes itself from the best canary food, has a positive influence on your friend’s feather health thanks to its special formula.

This food provides complete and balanced nutrition for your canary and contains canary seed, rape seed, black rape seed, linseed, peeled oats, hemp seed and niger seed. Your canary will enjoy a meal.

3. Versele Laga Parrot Food

Versele Laga

Versele Laga, the favorite food of smart parrots, will keep your parrot energized with its vitamin and mineral content. Versele Laga Parrot Food, which many parrot species such as Jako, Macaw Parrot, Amazon Parrot and Cacadu eat with pleasure, always retains its freshness because it is packaged by absorbing its oxygen. It contains saffron kernels, wheat, peanut kernels, shelled sunflower seeds, oats, brown wheat, wild sunflower seeds, pistachios, pine nuts, milo and pumpkin seeds.

Prepared with all-natural seeds, this parrot food not only provides delicious meals for your friend, but also makes his colorful feathers brighter.

4. Versele Laga Colombine Success Corn IC+ Pellet Pigeon Feed

Versele Laga

Versele Laga Colombine Success Corn IC+ Pellet Pigeon Feed is specially prepared for when pigeons shed more than normal and meets the daily protein requirement of your friend. This feed, which reduces moulting and protects your pigeon’s energy, thus meets the needs of your pigeon during the breeding period.

In addition, this feed, which does not cause any digestive problems in your pigeon due to its easy digestion, ensures that racing pigeons are more agile and healthier.

5. Versele Laga Parquet Bird Food

Versele Laga

Versele Laga Parket bird food, specially produced for cockatiels, consists of a combination of grains and seeds. This bird food, with 100% natural ingredients, does its best to make your parrot healthier and last longer. It contains seeds and grains loved by parrots such as yellow millet, red millet, white millet, Japanese millet kernels, peeled oats, canary seed, striped sunflower seeds, wheat, hemp seed, sunflower seeds, linseed, rice and niger seed.

Verseel Laga Parquet bird food, suitable for daily consumption, increases the energy and quality of life of your dear friend. This food, which ensures healthy growth of your parrot with its nutritional value, remains as fresh as the first day thanks to the zipper.

6. Versele Laga Finch Food Food for tropical birds

Versele Laga

Versele Laga Finch Feed, which is suitable for living in warm climates, contains mature and immature grass seeds. This food, which provides special nutrition for tropical birds, is easily eaten by young tropical birds because it consists of ground seeds.

This food with yellow millet, yellow panicum, red panicum, red millet, niger seed, canary seed, helps your bird to get a balanced diet and prevents digestive problems.

7. Versele Laga Canary Bird Food Without Turnip

Versele Laga

Verseel Laga Feed without Rape, specially produced for canary birds, contains basic seed mixtures. Suitable for all types of canary birds to eat, this food ensures that your bird easily gets the vitamins and minerals it needs at every meal. Versele Laga, which allows your canary to eat more comfortably due to the rapid molting of the seed coats, prevents digestive problems for your canary.

8. Versele Laga Prestige Loro Parque African Parrot Food

Versele Laga

Versele Laga Prestige Loro Parque African parrot food, specially produced for African parrots, makes your cute friend more energetic every day with the seeds, fruits, vitamins and minerals it contains. In this way, this food, which ensures that your parrot has a healthier and longer life, helps to make his feathers even healthier and brighter.

In addition to all these, Versele Laga Loro Parque Africa, which supports the mental activity of your intelligent friend, provides a balanced diet.

9. Versele Laga Prestige Loro Parque Macaw Parrot Food

Versele Laga

Versele Laga Prestige Loro Parque Ara Parrot Food, specially formulated for macaw parrots, offers all the nutritional values ​​your friend needs in one package. This feed consists of completely organic and high-quality seeds and contains fruit, nuts and vitamins. This food, which does its best for a healthy and pleasant growth of your macaw parrot, makes its feathers livelier, brighter and healthier. In addition, this food, which also supports the digestion of arachnids, makes your bird more resistant to diseases because it contributes positively to its immunity.

10. Versele Laga Prestige Loro Parque Australian parakeet food

Versele Laga

Versele Laga Prestige Loro Parque, specially produced for the Austrian parakeets you feed at home, offers a taste that matches your friend’s natural eating habits. With its formula enriched with high-quality seeds, fruits, plant extracts and vitamins, it ensures that your friend is healthier than ever before. This feed, which increases your friend’s energy and happiness, makes their feathers, which add beauty to their beauty, have more vibrant colors.

Versel Laga Bird Food Reviews

💬 My bird likes to eat it, this bait is the best. D****D*** T**

💬 I bought it for my bird with veterinary advice. Shipment arrived quickly. Highly recommended 💯 G *** I ***

💬 I can say the best quality food for birds. I made this decision based on both my vet’s advice and experience. ON***

💬 My bird likes it and I have been using it for years. E***** C****

💬 I learned that this is the best bait on the market and immediately switched to this feed. it contains many different seeds and no harmful colored dragees. B**** N****

💬 The food I’ve been using for my budgerigar for 3 years. The quality of the seeds is excellent. My bird faints. The best bait on the market. I recommend it to everyone. Choosing a quality food is very important to your bird’s health. A package goes up to 3 months for 1 bird. R**** A***

💬 My bird gained very good weight after he started eating this food. He eats constantly throughout the day. It is also my recommendation as a vet 🤩🤩 R**** K***

Why choose Versele Laga bird food?

The Versele laga brand carefully prepares all-natural and high-quality seeds for your dear friend without any additives. Versele Laga, which adjusts the nutritional values ​​to the needs of each bird, has a positive influence on both the body and feather health of your bird thanks to the high vitamins and minerals it contains. This brand, which does not contain dyed products in its bird feeders, always maintains its freshness thanks to its zip-top packaging.

The brand of which country is Versele Laga?

Versele Laga, the leading brand in bird feeders, is a Belgian brand. The Belgian brand Vesele Laga, which prepares natural and additive-free feeds in various healthy conditions, offers different flavors for many types of servants.

Versele Laga produces food for which bird species?

The Versele laga brand produces food that is suitable for many bird species such as budgerigars, canaries, parrots, African parrots, macaw parrots, Australian parrots, pigeons, finches and parakeets. In addition, the brand, which produces not only cage birds but also wild birds, is known as the best bird food brand in the world.

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