Vestel BM 4202 User Reviews and Features

Thanks to the Vestel BM 4202 dishwasher, washing up is now a fun activity. This machine not only cleans your dishes, but also provides you with great ease of use. Thanks to this machine, which makes the whole family happy with its silent operation, your ears no longer have to ring during the washing up.

Vestel BM 4202 Features

Capacity 13
Weight 50kg
Number of programs 4
Remote control Wi-Fi
Volume 49dB
Type Solo

Vestel BM 4202 WIFI Dishwasher

The dishwasher Vestel BM 4202 is a product that stands out for its energy efficiency. Using its high-tech sensors, it detects dirt and oil residues on your dishes and uses the right amount of water and detergent. This allows you to save water. With Vestel BM 4202 you can both wash your dishes and save your pocket money by protecting nature.

Here are all the details about the Vestel BM 4202 WIFI Dishwasher;

Vestel BM 4202 Design

Vestel BM 4202 offers a functional use thanks to the white color and the functional large LED display. This freestanding dishwasher retains its durability for a long time thanks to the stainless steel inner housing. Vestel BM 4202 is distinguished by its 3-stage basket adjustment and offers high performance in custom use thanks to its foldable wires and sliding cutlery basket. In addition, it does not fail to inform you on the indicator when the washing is done.

Vestel BM 4202 Capacity

Vestel BM 4202

Thanks to its washing capacity for 13 people, the Vestel BM 4202 dishwasher plays a savior role for large families. It is appreciated by its users because it ensures that all dishes are washed in one go, even on challenging days such as large dinner parties and long preparation processes.

Vestel BM 4202 Security

Glass and Glass Protection There is
Half load There is
Delay There is

With the support of glass and glass protection technology, it is possible to wash your dishes more safely by eliminating the risk of glass breakage or glass breakage.

With the half load option, you don’t have to run the dishwasher at full capacity, even if it’s half full. Thanks to this function, it is possible to ensure the cleanliness of your dishes and to save energy using only the necessary water and energy.

Thanks to the start delay function, you can set the dishwasher’s run time between 1 and 24 hours. This way you get the chance to wash your dishes according to your own preference at the most suitable time.

Vestel BM 4202 Size

Height 85cm
Width 59.8cm
Depth 59.8cm

Vestel BM 4202 dishwasher; With its height of 85 cm, width of 59.8 cm and depth of 59.8 cm, it fits easily into the kitchen of any home. This machine, which stands out for its compact structure, has a large internal volume that allows you to remove all the dishes in one go.

Vestel BM 4202 Technical specifications

  • Washing capacity for 13 people
  • Remote control with WIFI
  • Low energy consumption
  • Customizable use with 4 different programs
  • Modern and stylish look
  • Time delay function
  • Quick wash of 50 minutes
  • Option for glass and glass protection

Vestel BM 4202 Energy consumption

Annual energy consumption 260 kWh
Energy efficiency class NASTY
Annual water consumption 33 600 l
Water consumption 12L
Volume 49dB

The annual energy consumption of the Vestel BM 4202 dishwasher is only 260 kWh and it belongs to energy efficiency class E. Thanks to its high efficiency, this means that it saves energy while delivering high performance. This will help you lower your monthly energy bill.

The annual water consumption of this machine is 33,600 liters and the water consumption per operation is only 12 liters. In this way it is possible to design the washing process in an environmentally friendly way by using a small amount of water with each wash.

Thanks to the low noise level of 49 dB of the Vestel BM 4202 dishwasher, you create a quiet living environment.

Vestel BM 4202 remote control

With Vestel BM 4202 you now have your dishwasher under control anytime, anywhere. With the Mind of Your House application you can select the most suitable program and additional functions for your dishes and start, stop or finish your machine whenever you want. In addition, the machine, which also offers a delay option, helps you plan the washing process. With the Vestel BM 4202 dishwasher, you can keep control of your dishes anytime, anywhere.

Vestel BM 4202

Vestel BM 4202 WIFI Dishwasher reviews

Vestel BM 4202

👤 *** ***: It works very quietly. Even after the programs are over, it’s hard to hear his voice.

👤 *** ***: Washing quality is very good. All the dishes in it come out clean.

👤 *** ***: The capacity is very good. An ideal choice for large families.

👤 *** ***: Program variety is high. There are programs suitable for different levels of soiling and types of dishes.

👤 *** ***: The price is very affordable compared to other brands. I recommend it to anyone looking for a good dishwasher.

👤 *** ***: An energy-efficient product. The costs reflected in the electricity bill are quite low.

👤 *** ***: Washing programs take a little longer. The particularly intensive program lasts almost 3 hours.

👤 *** ***: No interior lighting. When you open the dishwasher, it remains dark inside, which sometimes makes it difficult to load the dishes.

Our final decision

Vestel BM 4202

No matter how dirty your dishes are, Vestel BM 4202 is designed to perfectly clean all your dishes.

Thanks to the height-adjustable upper basket, even large pans can be cleaned without any problems.

The energy efficiency of the Vestel BM 4202 dishwasher is also quite high. This saves energy and helps keep your bills down. It also works silently, so you can sit in the kitchen in a quiet environment.

This dishwasher offers multiple program options and allows you to clean your dishes in a short time with adjustable usage. The Eco program consumes less energy and is more environmentally friendly. Thanks to the automatic program, the machine automatically detects the degree of soiling of the dishes.

As a result, the Vestel BM 4202 dishwasher has a user-friendly structure due to its excellent performance, high energy efficiency, quiet operation and wide variety of program options.

In this section we answer the questions about the Vestel BM 4202 dishwasher.

What is the capacity of Vestel BM 4202 dishwasher?

The capacity of the Vestel BM 4202 dishwasher is designed to do the dishes for 13 people. Thanks to the large inner volume, you can even wash large dishes, such as large plates, pans and cutlery, without any problems.

Which washing programs are available in the Vestel BM 4202 dishwasher?

The Vestel BM 4202 dishwasher has intensive, normal, economical, fast, glass and pre-wash programs. Each program has a different purpose and you can choose it according to the level of soiling.

How loud is the Vestel BM 4202 dishwasher?

The Vestel BM 4202 dishwasher works very quietly and has a noise level of 49 dB. In this way it does not cause noise pollution in the house.

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