Vestel MD-20 YMB Features and user comments

Microwave ovens, one of the indispensable kitchen products, make our lives easier by providing quick and practical solutions. Among these ovens, the Vestel MD-20 YMB microwave oven attracts the attention of users with its features. In this content, we will answer your questions by providing detailed information about the Vestel MD-20 YMB microwave oven.

Vestel MD-20 YMB Features

power 700W
Internal volume 20L
Colour White
Heat setting There is
Installation type Solo
Number of programs 5

Vestel MD-20 YMB Microwave

Vestel MD-20 YMB stands out for its large inner chamber and defrost function. This microwave oven, which with its white color will give a modern look to your kitchen, manages to please you in terms of practical use with its mechanical control function.

Here are all the details about the Vestel MD-20 YMB microwave oven:

Vestel MD-20 YMB Technical Specifications

  • 20 liter internal volume
  • Mechanical control function
  • 700 watts of power
  • Defrost function
  • final signal
  • 5 power levels
  • 2 years warranty period
  • Timer function

Vestel MD-20 YMB capacity

Capacity 20L
Power level 5
Diameter turntable 25.5 cm

The Vestel MD-20 YMB microwave oven is a medium-sized oven with a net capacity of 20 litres. This feature proves that it has enough capacity to meet the daily needs of a medium-sized family. At the same time, thanks to its 25.5 cm turntable, it contributes to the readiness of your food. In addition, different power levels help you set the desired temperature, bringing the use to a functional point.

Vestel MD-20 YMB design

Vestel MD-20 YMB

Vestel MD-20 YMB microwave in white has a stylish and modern design. The compact dimensions offer an ideal solution for those who have space problems in the kitchen. In addition, the microwave’s turntable has a diameter of 25.5 cm and allows you to cook dishes of different sizes. So it helps to prepare all your small or large meals.

Vestel MD-20 YMB format

Height 26.2cm
Width 45.2cm
Depth 34.5cm

The dimensions of the Vestel MD-20 YMB microwave oven are 45.2 cm wide, 26.2 cm high and 34.5 cm deep. Thanks to these dimensions, it can be easily placed on the counter or cabinets. So it also helps you to save space.

Vestel MD-20 YMB Installation

The Vestel MD-20 YMB microwave oven has a simple installation process. To use the oven, you just need to connect it to a suitable socket. Thanks to the suction cups on the back of the oven, you also prevent the device from slipping.

Vestel MD-20 YMB Benefits

Vestel MD-20 YMB

One of the main advantages of the Vestel MD-20 YMB microwave oven is the defrost function. Thanks to this function, you can quickly defrost and prepare your frozen food. In addition, the microwave’s mechanical control panel ensures easy operation. It offers high cooking performance with a microwave power of 700 W.

Disadvantages of Vestel MD-20 YMB

The disadvantages of the Vestel MD-20 YMB microwave oven include the lack of a grill function. The 20-liter capacity may also mean that it doesn’t offer enough space for large families.

Vestel MD-20 YMB User Reviews

Vestel MD-20 YMB

Here are the positive and negative comments from Vestel MD-20 YMB users:

💬 I like it a lot, it’s a great product, it’s small as I wanted it. I bought it for the big office, it’s perfect, thank you.

💬 I have been using it for 15 days. My goal was to buy the cheapest, smallest and workable product. If you don’t expect high quality and features, let it do its job, the cost is low, the size is very small, this is the product.

💬 You can buy the product with confidence as it is in the picture. It came in the original box. Received in a few days, thanks Vestel.

💬 It is a quality product, I have been using it for about eight months now and I have not had any problems.

💬 We generally only use the heating function.

💬 I think it’s a price performance product. I recommend German. Very nice and convenient.

💬 I like it a lot. In the comments they said it was small, it was a perfect size. I was completely blown away.

💬 Beautiful I loved it, it came as it looks, I recommend it. Instead of buying a feature-packed device from great expensive brands that you will never use, this will do. Don’t think about it too much.

💬 We couldn’t adjust the temperature of the food, it burns or dries, even if we make it for 2 minutes, it still works.

💬 The product does not heat well enough, the performance is not very good, I did not like it. I don’t recommend it.

Scoring and rating

The Vestel MD-20 YMB microwave oven allows you to adjust the time and temperature so that you can use it in a comfortable place. This machine works with a power of 700 watts and helps to heat or defrost food of different sizes thanks to the 25.5 cm turntable. Our rating for this functional microwave is a 7 out of 10.

In this part of our content we answer frequently asked questions about the Vestel MD-20 YMB microwave oven.

How many watts does the Vestel MD-20 YMB have?

Vestel MD-20 YMB Microwave Oven has a power of 700 Watt. This power is sufficient for powerful cooking and allows you to prepare your food quickly.

What is the Vestel MD-20 YMB capacity?

The capacity of Vestel MD-20 YMB Microwave Oven is 20 liters net content. This capacity is enough space to meet the daily needs of a medium-sized family.

How to clean Vestel MD-20 YMB?

To clean the Vestel MD-20 YMB Microwave Oven, first remove all food residues from the oven. You can then clean the inside and outside of the oven with some hot water and soap. You can also wash the oven glass plate and turntable.

How many different power levels does the Vestel MD-20 YMB have?

Vestel MD-20 YMB Microwave Oven has 5 different power levels. These level settings allow you to cook your food the way you want it. You can also easily set cooking times, thanks to the oven’s timer.

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